Monday, February 3, 2014

Asos Coat Sale


I hope everyone had a good weekend!  I did for the most part, even though we lost to Carnegie Mellon on Friday in a nail biter... but we managed to rally and in over time beat Case Western Reserve University on Sunday!  Winning on the road is really hard, and to win against an UAA team is even harder! Everyone is fierce competition but the good news is that in our conference, we play everyone once away and once home.  So good news is, I get to play Carnegie Mellon again this weekend at home, and I am so looking forward to it!  You can check out for articles as well as schedule!

So... I had a crazy busy four days, well really five.  Last Wednesday, I had my two classes in a row in the afternoon, then had practice and then I was supposed to go to a meeting but I tweaked my wrist in practice and by the time I got out the meeting was almost over so after stopping by the library to look for an article, S and I headed back to our place in hopes of catching Psych but I am the idiot that confused the times, it is on at 9 EST not 10 EST.  But I still got to enjoy a boatload of guac and do some baking and packing because Thursday was even more busy.  We had 730 AM practice which meant I had to be up at 615, bake the TJ chocolate croissants, go to practice and then from there go to Arabic and financial economics before heading back to my place to eat and finish packing.  Then it was back to the gym to get on the bus and leave for the airport to head to Pittsburgh.  The trip was fun but I did not enjoy waking up early every day and I felt like I could have gotten more sleep.  Oh well... one more away weekend out of the way, two to go.  I am glad to be home this week and I definitely need an ice bath.

Onto other news, I can't believe how sucky the Super Bowl was!   I was definitely counting on it being much more competitive and I mean come on Peyton! Ugh.. I am kind of relieved I was flying during most of it because it just would have been to awful to watch.  I did miss the halftime show and I heard that was pretty good.  Oh well...before I finish up my post, I thought I would just include two youtube clips below that I discovered yesterday and are hilarious!

And actually I have one more and it is the Jaguar car commercial from last night during the Super Bowl:

Also, before I forget, shows I have to catch up on: 

I also need to keep up with How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory and Castle! 

Ok finally what I wanted to post about!  I don't know if you have ever shopped at Asos but I have a few times and while full price some things can be a little too much to afford as a college student, I do love so many things of theirs, and once you figure out your size it can be a great place to get "in style" items!  Right now they are having a major sale and the winter coats that are on sale are awesome!  Here are three of my picks:

Asos Winter Coat Sale

ASOS coat / ASOS coat / ASOS coat

Thanks for reading! 
With joy,