Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hey Y'all!

So since I was super bad again and didn't complete my post in time for yesterday, there are two for today! Which is totally ok, since it is Friday! Hallelujah!

Here are some things that I am just feeling right now:

1) America making it out of the group stage! Heck yes!  This is totally awesome!  I am so happy, and also how awesome Germany is doing!  I'm totally feeling this whole situation, though we don't have anymore games till this weekend but it isn't too far away.  So I guess I can watch Wimbledon in my down time...
Just think USA! USA! USA! (chants...slowly get it and it is almost 4th of July).

2) I can't get enough of this magnet that I bought while visiting Block Island last weekend.  It is just absolutely my favorite right now and perfectly charming.  
shoot. Can't figure out how to rotate the sucker, but basically which lobster are you?

3) This new app, or it is at least new to me, Calm.  I am going to try it today in the office and see what it does for me but I already love the sound effects.  I really need to get back into meditation because living in New York City always makes you feel like you have to run everywhere and be doing everything and anything.  I really need to get back to doing yoga/stretching every day and making the time to meditate and turn inward.

4) Loving this website! 30 tips you should know from Martha Stewart.

5) This recipe is to die for.  And, I am definitely making it with J this weekend.  

6) and of course, I couldn't forget my favorite fashion look of this week.  I wish this topshop skirt wasn't sold out, otherwise it would be mine in a heartbeat.  I love anything lace, brightly colored and long enough to reach my knees :)

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


Travel Thursday

Hey Y'all!

Sorry for the super late post!  But I had a lot of work to do on top of watching the USA vs. Germany game and Belgium vs. South Korea game.  But here is my post that was meant for Thursday - i.e. Travel Thursday.

I know I already talked about the different food I had on Block Island but I still though that I would share some of the details of our trip!

First off, it isn't the easiest thing to get there, though we later learned there is an Amtrak station right next to the ferry so maybe it is easier than we thought (you'd have to go out of Penn Station) but this is how we did it.  I was at work in the city early in the morning then grabbed a train to Darien out of Grand Central where S met me with her car, since she works there and we drove to catch the 3:10 PM ferry...but of course we missed it, thanks to all the holiday traffic!  I mean it wasn't a real holiday, but it was the first weekend of Summer (wasn't it the perfect start to Summer? - I loved the weather absolutely)!  So everyone was heading to somewhere other than the city so we sat in traffic and just missed our ferry by 10 minutes :( So we found a place to park and went and enjoyed happy hour with margaritas and bruschetta (is that spelled correctly?).

We were able to make the 630 ferry which got us to the island just around 8 PM.  We checked into our hotel, New Shoreham House run by the Harbor Side-Inn,m which was fine, but nothing special.  It was a hostel like setup, where there were communal bathrooms, but to be honest, it was cheap and we were rarely there.  It suited our purpose. After checking in, we then took a walk around the city center to scavenge up some food. I had a calzone and then got fudge.  We ended up chatting out on a patio next to our room until it was closed up and then crashed.

Saturday, we got going early and walked around to find breakfast and then walked a bit further out to check out the farmers market before returning to town to rent bikes.  With the bikes, we biked all over the island.  We saw the Mohegan Bluffs and different ponds.  We finally ended up at a beach, laying out and running into the ocean only to discover how cold it was, and spent the afternoon there. Eventually we made our way back into town for food.  We ended the night at Springhouse Inn, where we enjoyed the sunset and drinking.

 I didn't know this was a thing, but S showed me that if there is a honesuckle bush, you pull the stem or something out and lick it and there is drops/dew of honey.  It was quite delicious, but a little strange! 
 Good bagel, better muffin place! (where we ate breakfast both days)
 After we got our bikes and starting cycling around the island.

 Below is pictures from the top and bottom of Mohegan Bluffs.  I am scared of heights but I managed it to my surprise and it was a great adventure.  

 We visited the SE Lighthouse (not the N one) since it was right next to the Mohegan Bluffs.  Quite Beautiful.  See pictures below.

 My one picture of the beach, where I just laid out and despite the copious amount of sunscreen, still managed to be bright red (not good)!

Both of the above are happy times.

The next day we debated about whether to take the morning or afternoon ferry and decided to take the afternoon ferry.  So we relaxed outside, read and ate good food.  Then we started the long journey back to the city and I was able to make it back in time to see the end of the USA v. Portugal game and also get some work done.  

Such a great weekend! And so happy that I was able to do it.  Maybe, I will go back this summer but I think I would also still like to check out Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard and of course, the Hamptons!

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With joy,


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What to Wear Wednesday

Hey Y'all,

So this is my second post, and what would usually be my Wednesday post!  See I am catching up!  I haven't had much time to put some real thought into this post but what I thought I would do is focus on non heeled shoes - for work/the office.

These are the shoes I am currently wearing.  I know that they may not be everyone's taste but I got them through the Cole Haan sale and then customized them to make them uniquely mine, and I love them!  They are flashy but I still feel comfortable in them - I mean they are driving loafers from Cole Haan.  They are so freaking comfortable and I have only had them one day!  It is love.
So I customized these at the store next to Rockefeller but there are several Cole Haan stores that do that.  I definitely am in love.

Here are some other flats that I have or better yet, want, and know that I would wear them often, despite my impressive heels collection.

These are Cole Haan ballet flats that also incorporate Nike Air technology and make them super comfortable.  When I wear flats, I have to make sure they are good for my feet so I am limited in what I can buy.  If you are interested in buying them, check them out here!

These flats have been on my to purchase list for so long now...I am not sure why I haven't gotten them yet but it just seems like something else comes around but I definitely think that they will be perfect for work and also I mean they are Tory Burch.  I do think that I will have to try them on and make sure that my feet are comfortable otherwise they aren't worth all the money but still, marketing has done a good job of making me want them quite badly!  You can buy these here

I am also interested in these flats, though I would prefer to purchase the old Tory Burch loafers in snakeskin version.  So I am thinking about them but I do think that everyone needs a pair of snakeskin flats. Like leopard, they are a pattern that actually acts as a neutral and can be worn with everything!  You can buy them here

These are on sale! And I think that with my paycheck coming soon, I think it might be worth the plunge.  Besides the loafers I already have, this is another pair that will work all year round!  I would leave them the way they are but I can see myself wearing them with leggings, jeans, slacks, skirts and dresses.  Basically, what I am saying is that even though they are a little different, they are still quite neutral, in my opinion, and can match with almost everything - and for all year round.  Plus, they are super comfortable!  You can buy them here.

I always love a good pair of oxfords, which is actually a weird hthing for me to say since I don't actually own a pair but I think these are perfect both for the summer but also for the office since they are oxfords - wingtips and can be worn with a variety of things.  If interested, you can buy them here

I know that these shoes are not $50 or under but they are still high quality without being completely ridiculously expensive.  I mean if you are going to buy shoes for work that you are going to wear every day or on a rotation and have to wear them all day, don't you think it is worth spending a few more bucks to be comfortable and helping your foot rather than hurting them?  

I mean if I wanted to, I could have posted about my dream work shoes (i.e. Chanel, Ferragamo, Valentino and Todds) but I think that I will save that for another day!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


Tasty Tuesday

Hey Y'all!

You are in luck! Because I was so busy the last two days, you get two posts one day! Probably not smart but I hate skipping/not doing something.  If you are going to do it, don't do it halfway.  I am all in or not...and also I finally finished this book series which is probably one of the reasons I haven't been able to complete a blog post.

So, since I wasn't home this weekend, I really didn't cook but rather enjoyed eating out, as cheaply as possible, on Block Island.   Since I tend to snarf my food as soon as it arrives, I didn't get as many pictures as I thought but here are a few from my trip!

Friday, the morning of traveling to Block Island, I had to go to work quite early to get about 6 hours worth of stuff done in less than 4 hours.  It was exhausting but got it done, but it also meant I didn't eat prior to heading to Grand Central for my train that would take me out to CT where I would meet S.  So I picked up some of my favorites on my way there.  I grabbed dumplings at my local chinese buffet...I am thinking I probably will be getting them for lunch today ;) and then once at Grand Central, I grabbed a classic strawberry cheesecake from Junior's.  I was planning on getting Magnolias but I totally forgot Junior's had opened a stand at Grand Central and I had to have it.  I was then fat and happy on the train and slept for the duration but luckily woke up just a stop before my station so I was able to collect myself.
Once in the car, we had to drive to the Ferry, about another hour so I decided to have us stop in Dunkin and grab iced coffee for me, a dunkin coolata - orea - for S and some donuts for the road.  I mean we were on vacation weren't we?  I crumble at the knees for these strawberry frosted donuts.  So summery and perfect.

That evening, after dropping our stuff off in our hotel room and walking a bit, I got a calzone and then some chocolate pb fudge.  I know...I am drooling just remembering how delicious it all was and then how full!
We started the next morning bright and early and I grabbed an iced coffee and then a bagel with cream cheese.  I never do that! Seriously! My nutritionist long time back told me that if you are going to eat a bagel, then make it something that will keep you full for a long time.  So I normally want egg and cheese on a whole wheat bagel, but since I was on vacation, I was like hmm... I will have a sesame bagel with cream cheese, though, let it be known, I did ask for reduced fat! They just didn't have any.  
The bagel place, Old Post Office Bagels, also had marvelous muffins that I now will dream about until I am able to return one day.  The first muffin I tried on Saturday while walking along the beach and bluffs was strawberry peach and it was remarkable!  I literally fell in love right then and there. I also tried the raspberry and peach muffin and that was equally as delicious.  I wonder if I will be able to make it/copy it in the future? We shall see!
Also thanks to my friend J, I am obsessed with this hershey's bar now!  Cookies n Creme. mhmm! So delicious!  Luckily it didn't melt while I was on the beach and it was my afternoon snack while I relaxed and later learned, getting quite burnt despite the copious amounts of sunscreen I put on.

I finished that evening eating yet another calzone and then more fudge as well as at some point eating soft serve twist ice cream - literally one of my favorite childhood things to do!

I wish I had a picture of it, but since my phone decided to die every two hours or so this weekend, S took a picture of me eating this incredible shrimp burrito Sunday afternoon at a taco shack and honestly the whole weekend, we just enjoyed incredible food but was able to keep it relatively inexpensive since we didn't really do any full on dining at a restaurant.

Before I forget, but I was able to visit the Korilla BBQ truck last week (Thursday, before my trip this weekend) and I got a burrito and I was impressed.  Definitely something you must try if you are working or visiting the midtown area on the days that you are there.  Here is my pic:

Thanks for reading!

With joy,