Tuesday, June 10, 2014



Sorry for the extended delay.  As you can imagine, my life the last three months was so crazy! I graduated from NYU (though I was very nervous that it would not happen after my Financial Economics Final but the gods were merciful and passed me).  I also found the entire job search process really draining and exhausting but I was hired to a great company in NYC, which means I am staying here in the city at least for a while.

I would definitely say that my love of fashion has not diminished in any way, if anything it has only increased! But I have to be smart on how I spend my money so... I am definitely going to be posting budget helps/how to after I do research and what not! In other news, I am starting to train for a marathon that I will run in November (in Las Vegas, during my birthday weekend - how perfect)!! Will definitely be keeping you up to date on how that goes...so definitely a lot to cover!

My title comes from the fact that I am watching the Ranger vs. Kings game right now (Monday evening) and it is so disappointing that the Rangers are down 3-0 at least here is one more period to go!! Seriously... Rangers can not score and they are home... come on!!! In all seriousness, these guys are all so hot - real men! hopefully the series goes for the whole 7 and not over in four games! (In sha allah)!
Are you watching or preferring to watch the NBA finals (why do they have two different finals going on at the same time?) Baffles me seriously.  I usually cheer for the Rangers except when they play the Capitals and then I have to cheer for the Capitals! I am missing DC/NoVa a bit so hopefully I find some time to go back this Summer or in the Fall.

But be excited and come back daily because much to come!!! I promise!!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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