Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hey Y'all!

I should have written this post yesterday evening when I had the time but it was my rest day from training for my marathon and therefore it turned into my fat in I could not get enough food!  I finally found the strength to do some yoga while watching the cooking channel but then before I knew it, it was almost midnight and I was supposed to get up at 6:30 AM for a quick (4 mile) run. I don't get it but oh well... so I am quickly putting this together before my boss arrives (shhh...).  It's alright, I love my Friday Faves, and I thought about what I will be including today on my subway down to the office.

Favorite Celebrity Style: Olivia Palermo
Favorite blogger style: Happily Grey
Favorite hair style/tutorial: Barefoot Blonde <-- I can't wait to try it...though I am really nervous that my hair may be too thin :(
Favorite shoes: from Topshop ($110) but I originally fell in love with them when I saw this blog post from Pink Peonies
Favorite Accessory: With all this rain we've been getting (or told that we would get...because I wore my raincoat for the last three days and nothing but today it is actually pouring)...I don't own this but I really really really want one :) It's from Kate Spade NY (Nordstrom)
Favorite Recipe: I have never made this recipe before but it looks incredible and pretty easy to accomplish! I may try to make it this weekend since I will start running a 10k on an average basis as I continue to build up for my marathon (in November)
Favorite Flowers: always and forever Pink Peonies ... so beautiful and fragrant! Need to get my fill before the season is over but I have no more vases to fill :(

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading.

With joy,


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