Monday, June 16, 2014

I have a case of the Mondays

Hey Y'all!

So I should have been a good girl last night and written this post and I should have fallen asleep before 10 PM (I was definitely tired enough too) but no, instead I decide to go on a youtube binge and eventually I find myself watching old Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movies, like Holiday in the Sun.

Ya it was bad...I was up till just after midnight watching this...I felt so nostalgic! And, did you know that Megan Fox is in it? No joke!

But it also meant I didn't want to wake up this morning, so I woke up late, meaning I was late coming back from my run which just set me up to rush and still be late to the office.  So crazy.

Today I thought I would post about my weekend favorites!

I have become obsessed with the food network and cooking channel (and all I do while watching is eat coco puffs - so bad)!  My current favorite shows are:

 Barefoot Contessa (I mean I love her and I love her recipes...seriously my mom and I have every single one of her cookbooks - they are amazing and quite simple to follow)!
 Brunch at Bobby's - seriously so perfect for laying in bed on the weekends or inspiring you to get off the bed and instead of continuing to eat coco puffs how about you make some blueberry pancakes (which is what happened)!
 Chuck Eat's the Street - Gives me so many inspirations for when/if I travel to some place.  I have a running list now and it's great!  (I also like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives).
 Obviously got to have Giada in there!
But what I have truly become obsessed with is the Real Girl's Kitchen starring Haylie Duff.  I grew up with Lizzy McGuire so lets be real, anything Hillary Duff or Haylie Duff related I become a little girl again and this combines my love for them with my favorite thing - FOOD! What I didn't realize was that there is a website (apart from the Cooking Channel) and also an instagram and what not, so I am all up in that shizz now!  Check out the website here!

So on top of my ridiculous amount of shows that I watched, I somehow managed to fit in every World Cup match and also make homemade pesto (recipe is for Tasty Tuesday ;) ) and run a 10k.  I was pretty impressed with myself this weekend, though to be honest I did all that on Saturday and literally laid in bed all day Sunday.  

Who else is super into the World Cup? I am so excited for today because at 12 (EST) is the Germany (Deutschland) vs. Portugal match and then 6 pm is the USA vs. Ghana match.  

I am really cheering for DEUTSCHLAND and USA but ... still enjoyed the games this weekend.  The group stage is proving to be very entertaining and you really can't predict the outcome of almost any of these games.

Sorry for the lack of fashion in this post but I have some good ideas for this week :) 

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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