Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tasty Tuesday

Hey Y'all!

You are in luck! Because I was so busy the last two days, you get two posts one day! Probably not smart but I hate skipping/not doing something.  If you are going to do it, don't do it halfway.  I am all in or not...and also I finally finished this book series which is probably one of the reasons I haven't been able to complete a blog post.

So, since I wasn't home this weekend, I really didn't cook but rather enjoyed eating out, as cheaply as possible, on Block Island.   Since I tend to snarf my food as soon as it arrives, I didn't get as many pictures as I thought but here are a few from my trip!

Friday, the morning of traveling to Block Island, I had to go to work quite early to get about 6 hours worth of stuff done in less than 4 hours.  It was exhausting but got it done, but it also meant I didn't eat prior to heading to Grand Central for my train that would take me out to CT where I would meet S.  So I picked up some of my favorites on my way there.  I grabbed dumplings at my local chinese buffet...I am thinking I probably will be getting them for lunch today ;) and then once at Grand Central, I grabbed a classic strawberry cheesecake from Junior's.  I was planning on getting Magnolias but I totally forgot Junior's had opened a stand at Grand Central and I had to have it.  I was then fat and happy on the train and slept for the duration but luckily woke up just a stop before my station so I was able to collect myself.
Once in the car, we had to drive to the Ferry, about another hour so I decided to have us stop in Dunkin and grab iced coffee for me, a dunkin coolata - orea - for S and some donuts for the road.  I mean we were on vacation weren't we?  I crumble at the knees for these strawberry frosted donuts.  So summery and perfect.

That evening, after dropping our stuff off in our hotel room and walking a bit, I got a calzone and then some chocolate pb fudge.  I know...I am drooling just remembering how delicious it all was and then how full!
We started the next morning bright and early and I grabbed an iced coffee and then a bagel with cream cheese.  I never do that! Seriously! My nutritionist long time back told me that if you are going to eat a bagel, then make it something that will keep you full for a long time.  So I normally want egg and cheese on a whole wheat bagel, but since I was on vacation, I was like hmm... I will have a sesame bagel with cream cheese, though, let it be known, I did ask for reduced fat! They just didn't have any.  
The bagel place, Old Post Office Bagels, also had marvelous muffins that I now will dream about until I am able to return one day.  The first muffin I tried on Saturday while walking along the beach and bluffs was strawberry peach and it was remarkable!  I literally fell in love right then and there. I also tried the raspberry and peach muffin and that was equally as delicious.  I wonder if I will be able to make it/copy it in the future? We shall see!
Also thanks to my friend J, I am obsessed with this hershey's bar now!  Cookies n Creme. mhmm! So delicious!  Luckily it didn't melt while I was on the beach and it was my afternoon snack while I relaxed and later learned, getting quite burnt despite the copious amounts of sunscreen I put on.

I finished that evening eating yet another calzone and then more fudge as well as at some point eating soft serve twist ice cream - literally one of my favorite childhood things to do!

I wish I had a picture of it, but since my phone decided to die every two hours or so this weekend, S took a picture of me eating this incredible shrimp burrito Sunday afternoon at a taco shack and honestly the whole weekend, we just enjoyed incredible food but was able to keep it relatively inexpensive since we didn't really do any full on dining at a restaurant.

Before I forget, but I was able to visit the Korilla BBQ truck last week (Thursday, before my trip this weekend) and I got a burrito and I was impressed.  Definitely something you must try if you are working or visiting the midtown area on the days that you are there.  Here is my pic:

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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