Thursday, June 12, 2014

Travel Thursday


After spending most of my junior year abroad and living in the Middle East (and traveling to both amazing and historical locations), it is weird that I haven't done as much traveling since.  That is, besides the traveling I did for basketball (and I missed one weekend of traveling thanks to a nasty concussion).  So I thought, why not focus on NYC for this segment.  Honestly, I have lived here on and off for the last four years but have only traveled to Brooklyn three times (and briefly for each one) and I just get stuck in my neighborhood.  There is always good food in each neighborhood so it can be easy to just not try anything knew.  Plus when friends come in to visit, I usually just go to the places I know that will wow and be delicious.

Firstly, I am going to share with you some places I visited during my senior year, when I wasn't sure of where I was going to end up after graduation. The following three are the big ones I think.

(1) there was my visit to the new memorial for 9/11.  I had the pleasure of going to it with a group of students after first grabbing brunch at a famous diner in the financial district.  I wish I could find the words to express my feelings on that day but there are none.  Both bringing up memories of that day and all that we lost and how our country rose together.  Really for me it was the Pentagon and losing family friends but that is too serious and to emotional to talk about.

 This was the diner we visited! Amazing! Highly recommend it! Perfect start to the day.

 Over the last few years, I have watched them build the Freedom Tower from my different dorms at NYU.  It is incredible that it is finally done and so beautiful!

 The symbolism is so apparent and I love how they used water to cleanse the ground (and this is from the foundation of the other tower.  
Obligatory selfie...(though honestly, I am not really into selfies).

Second, I shopped at's an extremely famous Parisian Macaroon store that only has one (well now two) locations outside of Paris (and both are now in NYC).  Super expensive... but so worth it.  I wish I could explain better but it literally is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted, and traditionally I don't like macaroons.  I have now also visited the Laduree that opened this Spring in the SoHo neighborhood.

 My favorites were/are the Raspberry and Lemon ones.

Lastly, (for now) I have gone to the NYC Ballet.  So incredible.  I am so sad because I wanted to go last week to the showing of A Midsummer Night's Dream but was unable to go because I came down with a nasty bug and now the season is over.  But, I must say, I am excited for this coming year and I plan to attend as many as I can (including the Nutcracker) and also get to the Opera more.  Both show how remarkable humans can be and it is just so pretty (and an excuse to dress up in a nice gown).

So those are just a few New York City things to do, if you are coming to the city and want to visit.  But I am excited because I have really gotten into searching city guides and finding recommendations for what to do in the city and in each borough.  So more to come on that.  (I already have to go through the food network/cooking channel recommendations and GOOP <-- yes I read it... and secretly love it though I can't afford one of thing that it sells).

Other New York City things to do that I know of:
When I was a freshman, I made the long trip out to the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx and enjoyed the Orchid Show but I would love to go back next year (I have already missed it for this year).

I have also been to a few Yankee games and also had my entire NYU graduation in Yankee Stadium - I sat right at home plate, so don't worry, I have definitely gotten my fill of the Yankees.

What I would still like to do:

  • It's a bit late now, but I really want to go to MSG and watch a Rangers game (yay that they won last night)
  • I also need to get to a Knicks game just because I should (though I can't stand how players play in the NBA, much prefer college ball)
  • I should also probably go to a Nets game since the Barclays Center is pretty nice from what I hear
  • I really need to do a good tour of Brooklyn - which will probably take a few different trips to hit the different neighborhoods but a must is definitely getting to the Polish area and getting some good home cooking.  Trust me I will be making lists for all of this and more.  So look forward to that!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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