Friday, June 27, 2014

Travel Thursday

Hey Y'all!

Sorry for the super late post!  But I had a lot of work to do on top of watching the USA vs. Germany game and Belgium vs. South Korea game.  But here is my post that was meant for Thursday - i.e. Travel Thursday.

I know I already talked about the different food I had on Block Island but I still though that I would share some of the details of our trip!

First off, it isn't the easiest thing to get there, though we later learned there is an Amtrak station right next to the ferry so maybe it is easier than we thought (you'd have to go out of Penn Station) but this is how we did it.  I was at work in the city early in the morning then grabbed a train to Darien out of Grand Central where S met me with her car, since she works there and we drove to catch the 3:10 PM ferry...but of course we missed it, thanks to all the holiday traffic!  I mean it wasn't a real holiday, but it was the first weekend of Summer (wasn't it the perfect start to Summer? - I loved the weather absolutely)!  So everyone was heading to somewhere other than the city so we sat in traffic and just missed our ferry by 10 minutes :( So we found a place to park and went and enjoyed happy hour with margaritas and bruschetta (is that spelled correctly?).

We were able to make the 630 ferry which got us to the island just around 8 PM.  We checked into our hotel, New Shoreham House run by the Harbor Side-Inn,m which was fine, but nothing special.  It was a hostel like setup, where there were communal bathrooms, but to be honest, it was cheap and we were rarely there.  It suited our purpose. After checking in, we then took a walk around the city center to scavenge up some food. I had a calzone and then got fudge.  We ended up chatting out on a patio next to our room until it was closed up and then crashed.

Saturday, we got going early and walked around to find breakfast and then walked a bit further out to check out the farmers market before returning to town to rent bikes.  With the bikes, we biked all over the island.  We saw the Mohegan Bluffs and different ponds.  We finally ended up at a beach, laying out and running into the ocean only to discover how cold it was, and spent the afternoon there. Eventually we made our way back into town for food.  We ended the night at Springhouse Inn, where we enjoyed the sunset and drinking.

 I didn't know this was a thing, but S showed me that if there is a honesuckle bush, you pull the stem or something out and lick it and there is drops/dew of honey.  It was quite delicious, but a little strange! 
 Good bagel, better muffin place! (where we ate breakfast both days)
 After we got our bikes and starting cycling around the island.

 Below is pictures from the top and bottom of Mohegan Bluffs.  I am scared of heights but I managed it to my surprise and it was a great adventure.  

 We visited the SE Lighthouse (not the N one) since it was right next to the Mohegan Bluffs.  Quite Beautiful.  See pictures below.

 My one picture of the beach, where I just laid out and despite the copious amount of sunscreen, still managed to be bright red (not good)!

Both of the above are happy times.

The next day we debated about whether to take the morning or afternoon ferry and decided to take the afternoon ferry.  So we relaxed outside, read and ate good food.  Then we started the long journey back to the city and I was able to make it back in time to see the end of the USA v. Portugal game and also get some work done.  

Such a great weekend! And so happy that I was able to do it.  Maybe, I will go back this summer but I think I would also still like to check out Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard and of course, the Hamptons!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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