Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What to Wear Wednesday

Hey Y'all,

So this is my second post, and what would usually be my Wednesday post!  See I am catching up!  I haven't had much time to put some real thought into this post but what I thought I would do is focus on non heeled shoes - for work/the office.

These are the shoes I am currently wearing.  I know that they may not be everyone's taste but I got them through the Cole Haan sale and then customized them to make them uniquely mine, and I love them!  They are flashy but I still feel comfortable in them - I mean they are driving loafers from Cole Haan.  They are so freaking comfortable and I have only had them one day!  It is love.
So I customized these at the store next to Rockefeller but there are several Cole Haan stores that do that.  I definitely am in love.

Here are some other flats that I have or better yet, want, and know that I would wear them often, despite my impressive heels collection.

These are Cole Haan ballet flats that also incorporate Nike Air technology and make them super comfortable.  When I wear flats, I have to make sure they are good for my feet so I am limited in what I can buy.  If you are interested in buying them, check them out here!

These flats have been on my to purchase list for so long now...I am not sure why I haven't gotten them yet but it just seems like something else comes around but I definitely think that they will be perfect for work and also I mean they are Tory Burch.  I do think that I will have to try them on and make sure that my feet are comfortable otherwise they aren't worth all the money but still, marketing has done a good job of making me want them quite badly!  You can buy these here

I am also interested in these flats, though I would prefer to purchase the old Tory Burch loafers in snakeskin version.  So I am thinking about them but I do think that everyone needs a pair of snakeskin flats. Like leopard, they are a pattern that actually acts as a neutral and can be worn with everything!  You can buy them here

These are on sale! And I think that with my paycheck coming soon, I think it might be worth the plunge.  Besides the loafers I already have, this is another pair that will work all year round!  I would leave them the way they are but I can see myself wearing them with leggings, jeans, slacks, skirts and dresses.  Basically, what I am saying is that even though they are a little different, they are still quite neutral, in my opinion, and can match with almost everything - and for all year round.  Plus, they are super comfortable!  You can buy them here.

I always love a good pair of oxfords, which is actually a weird hthing for me to say since I don't actually own a pair but I think these are perfect both for the summer but also for the office since they are oxfords - wingtips and can be worn with a variety of things.  If interested, you can buy them here

I know that these shoes are not $50 or under but they are still high quality without being completely ridiculously expensive.  I mean if you are going to buy shoes for work that you are going to wear every day or on a rotation and have to wear them all day, don't you think it is worth spending a few more bucks to be comfortable and helping your foot rather than hurting them?  

I mean if I wanted to, I could have posted about my dream work shoes (i.e. Chanel, Ferragamo, Valentino and Todds) but I think that I will save that for another day!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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