Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What to Wear

Hey Y'all!

Sorry that this one is late!! I had a crazy night last night from work to dinner and to the drama that unfolded afterwards and then I overslept this morning which meant no run, and for someone who loves routine as much as I do, it really bothered me that I couldn't fit in my run this morning which means I need to find time in my evening to go for a run out in this hot and humid weather that has finally arrived to mark the beginning of summer in NYC.

But ok, what I want to share with y'all is one of my bucket list items for living in NYC is to go to Shakespeare in the Park which is a summertime event that happens throughout the summer.  It appears that this summer the performances are either King Lear or Much Ado About Nothing.  I love the second one and I really wanted to go but I was unsure of the process of how to get tickets and it just seemed like that it would probably not happen for me this year, since I am still getting adjusted.  So I was literally about to put it down on my bucket list (on evernote) when enters my Aunt and it turns out her friend invited her with a +1 (me) to the opening of the show - Much Ado About Nothing!  How exciting!  it was absolutely brilliant!  I loved it so much, and this is so bad of me to say but I didn't mind missing the incredible USA vs. Ghana match (well the second half) to go see this.  I mean it was the opening and I got to meet so many different celebrities and just important people in the Theater community!

So Monday morning comes and I realize, shoot what do I wear? It is an outdoor theater in Central Park but since it is the opening, and to show respect to the theater, I still wanted to be dressed up, at least a little bit (and plus I had to go to work all day).

So I decided to find an outfit inspiration and go with it! Here is my inspiration:

I was going to include a polyvore set of how I would style it but sadly the clipper is not working for me on either of my computers this morning, which is yet another reason why this post is super delayed!

But to move on, this is what I wore:

It is a skirt from Daily Look that isn't available anymore and a gap gingham shirt (but you know you can also get it on J. Crew or factory).  Also, I am not a fan of selfies so I always feel super weird taking them and I just usually end up hating how I look in them so :/

Before I end this post, just wanted to share a picture from my evening -during intermission (though I had my first Waffles and Dinges before the show started with my Aunt and I should have taken a picture but I just devoured it)!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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