Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hey Y'all!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I was just not feeling well at all!  I could barely do my job let alone do anything else.  I, however, did try a new food truck, even though all I wanted was a burrito from Korilla BBQ food truck, and it was ok.  I have made a committment to try at least two new food trucks each week for the next month because well I am young and can't be set in my ways and need to share with you. Today, I am actually planning to try a new food truck that I learned about last night watching Eat Street. It's called Okadaman, traditional Japanese food! I need to try it as soon as possible!  I hope that they are not located too far away from me today.

Ok so onto my favorites from this week:

1) Check out this article about Good Morning Habits! I am going to try to make sure that I do most, if not all of these every day!

2) I can't wait to visit and try out these different top French Bakeries!
3) Can't wait to try and make this smoothie with my figs that I bought last weekend.  I have been putting it off under the excuse that I am too busy but really it's because I am a little scared to try it... I have never had figs but it looks so delicious!  Recipe is actually on Blogilates Instagram:
Sorry for the awful image.  I really have no idea how to take something from instagram and save it or copy the picture but you can see a much better version on Blogilates Instagram.
Here is the recipe for it - and it is such a perfect summer recipe:
For 1 serving: 2 fresh figs 4-5 frozen strawberries 1/2 cup of frozen mango 1 TBS peanut butter 1 cup unsweetened almond milk The seeds from the fig give an unexpected but delightful crunch! I know you'll love this combination!

4) I also have a huge carton of blueberries and I need to make some delicious blueberry recipes.  I know I mentioned that a couple of weeks ago.  But here are some recipes that I really want to try!  

Blueberry PB Smoothie - I had to include one! I mean this is really what started my blueberry craze!

5) And, just to continue my craze with the Cooking Channel, I saw this recipe last weekend and I want to make it so badly.  Any reason you can think of for where I will need to make a Chocolate Banana and PB Ice Box Cake?

6) Regarding fashion, I am obsessed with this look that Olivia Palermo wore this last week!

7) Anyone else see the incredible boho wedding dress the Olsen twins' designed.  As well as their own incredible dresses they wore to the wedding.  Oh my goodness, can they be my best friends as well? I mean I did grow up with them, in a matter of speaking... 

8) Lastly, this blogger, Pink Peonies, always nails great fashion looks! I am obsessed with this white summer dress.  I need it. Supposedly it is sold out at GAP, but I am going to call and call and bother GAP until they find one for me in my size.  It is so gorgeous and yet still work appropriate. 
I also love her Valentino flats, but I am not in a place right now to afford it.

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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