Monday, July 28, 2014


Hey Y'alL!

It is going to be an extremely busy day! And, all I want to do is sleep :( I don't know what it is but I feel like I didn't sleep at all last night which is a complete falsehood.  I was in bed before midnight, though I should have been asleep much sooner.  Stupid Netflix and my obsessive behavior tendencies (this time it was the old show Numb3rs - love it)!

I thought I would share something that really peaked my interest and my obssessiveness this weekend.  It is coffee books but also books that I want to read that would look good as coffee books! Below are 4 that I really want to get ASAP (and you can find them on Amazon probably for much cheaper than you could elsewhere)!  However, I am going to just admit to my obsessiveness right now and say that I actually have a list of about 25 books that I want but I figured I should hold off and not overwhelm anyone, especially me!

I think this book looks just fantastic and I have heard great things about it!  To top it off, I am in love with Cameron Diaz! You go girl! 

Well since I am already obsessed with LC's blog and everything she does (I have been a fan of hers since the days of Laguna Beach...remember that?!?!) so it shouldn't be a surprise that I want to read and show off her books!

I mean ... this book is me! It isn't just something I want, it is now something I need!

Lastly, if you follow any of my past posts, then you know that I have become hooked on Haylie Duff's show the Real Girl's Kitchen, its basically a blog in television version on the Cooking Channel.  I literally plan my Saturday around that show - no joke! 2 pm I am at my place watching it, and then watch Sweet Julia afterwards - so many inspirations period! I've been meaning to check out her blog that was the inspiration for the show and then I also came across her book, so you know, got to have it!

Thanks for reading! 

With joy,


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