Monday, July 7, 2014

Mondays after a holiday weekend...

Hey Y'all!

So I was lame and decided to be a homebody during the holiday weekend.  I barely checked my computer and didn't pinterest or check bloglovin or post!  Sorry, but I just loved being outdoors in Austin with most of the family.  Plus, who can say no to this puppy!

But, I enjoyed the holidays and here is some of my favorite fashion looks to celebrate the holiday (and of course, I am still very much in the mood for everything red, white and blue):

Can you believe it is July already? I can't! My little sister, M, will be turning 21 next week which is remarkable to me.  But it gives me a brief excuse to go to DC for an evening the following weekend to help her celebrate it! But is that weird to have your older sister help you celebrate 21 with your friends? I don't know... Makes me feel rather old (though I know I'm not really).

Also, I am so excited for the Brazil vs. Germany game tomorrow.  I was able to find my old Germany jersey and will be in full cheerleader mode!  Sadly, I will be going head to head with my best friend, J, who is Brazilian.  Shall be very interesting.
Ok, so I know I need to explain what this picture is.  So I was super convinced that I had to have a picture of me in one of my Germany jerseys or Eurocup t-shirts but I literally couldn't find any.  I was dumbfounded.  In fact, I couldn't really find any pictures on FB from my times in Germany.  I bet there are photos and photos saved to my computer or to one of my parents old desktop from my time there (since this was from the time before apple completely dominated) but for easy access this was my only picture that I found that was connecting me to anything German.  This was from my sophomore (2nd) year of High School and I partook in the German Exchange program and this was the German students visiting us in the Spring I think (we returned the visit during the summer for a month). But basically the whole point is, GO GERMANY (DEUTSCHLAND)! 

Thanks for reading!

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