Monday, July 14, 2014

My Obsession with Nail Polish...

Hey Y'all!

I am a little tired today and have the Monday blues.  My weekend was great because I let myself be lazy.  I spent all last week trying to recover from this awful allergy attack that I had and I am finally feeling a little better definitely not close to 100% but I at least now know what is happening to me and can just take every allergy medicine ever created.  So I really haven't run since last Tuesday but sometimes you need to let your body rest and get a little fat before diving into something hardcore.  I will run today...or I need to keep telling myself that...otherwise my lazy streak will keep going.

In other news, CONGRATULATIONS GERMANY (DEUTSCHLAND).  I am so happy for the team and the country! I feel like it has been a long time coming and this team worked so hard to become the World Cup victors!! I ate gnocchi all last night - stress eating during the game and 120 minutes later they won! So happy.  I was so caught up in the game I almost bought a ticket to go there and celebrate haha but then reality hit that I had work the next day and couldn't do something like that.

Ok so done to business... I may have this nasty habit that really grosses me out but when I get nervous or stressed my finger nails disappear ( I bite them) and it is so gross...but, I have been working on breaking that nasty habit and they were doing ok until the US vs. Belgium game and then it went to the dogs... or however you say it.  So now I am nursing my nails back to beautiful lengths and hoping that one day I can wear some of these designs. Sidenote, but fun fact about me, I love nail polish, in high school I became so obsessive about having every color that I literally bought so many OPI and Essie that I probably had almost every color... I basically could open my own nail salon and in a way I did.  During my Senior year of high school, I painted all my friends nails during class and what not... it was fantastic.

My favorite color of all time is Essie Ballet Slippers.  It is so soft and appropriate for every occasion. And, it makes me feel like a little ballerina.

I had to share these because this was so beautifully done for the 4th of July.  I wish i had the capability to do this...

Think this is a greatcolor as well! 

Love this design for a summer wedding or party!

I dream of the day where I can own Chanel - especially this awesome funky color.

Had to include this design because well Deutschland ist Weltmeister! 

I also think this this is a pretty way to store nail polish while also showing ti off.  I currently store mine in a clear cookie jar in a cupboard - but that is better for storage rather than display. 

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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