Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tasty Tuesday

Hey Y'all!

Sorry for the late post but my boss returned from vacation and hence a super busy morning!  I also was at work last night super late (after 9pm) but that isn't really uncommon for people who work in NYC. We are married to our jobs!

I didn't get a chance to try out new recipes this weekend.  I did make my old pesto recipe which you can find here.  And I basically ate it all with Pierogies (cheese and potato Polish dumplings) and gnocchi.  That is really good comfort food - at least for me.  I really wanted to make something with blueberries but I was unable to find the will and energy to go to Trader Joes and buy the blueberries so I just scavenged around the apartment.

Though on Saturday I finally was able to pull myself out of bed after waking up at noon and get away from the Cooking Channel to go downtown to my old stomping grounds.  I went to 5 oz Factory for some custard and then walked to union square to do some errands and then continued my jaunt up to Herald Square where Macy's is to meet a friend.  We did some shopping - mainly window shopping and checked out some stuff... before heading uptown for a girls' night in!

So since I don't have a recipe to share with you, I think I will share my favorite places to get sweets around NYC!

1) Magnolia Bakery (several locations throughout the city): it is awful because I literally work across the street from it and I got it for a birthday celebration yesterday and there was so much leftover that I had 2 cupcakes as breakfast and lunch already today :( so bad.  However, while their cupcakes are good - they remind me of my mom's, but I am completely in love with the Banana Pudding!  It is a definite treat! Just be warned everything there is high in sugar!  It can be a bit intense.

2) 5 Oz Factory (on 8th street between 5th and 6th avenue): I cry of happiness everytime I let myself indulge in a waffle cone filled with chocolate custard from this place!  It makes me remember my childhood (visiting Wisconsin custard places) and it just is so delicious with the perfect texture.

3) Max Brenner's (between 13th and 14th street on Broadway): is always a favorite go to when I have friends or family in town.  It definitely is a tourist spot, but is also really worth it - just make a reservation ahead of time so you don't have to wait.  Now I have had a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner there and I always order the Italian milk chocolate hot chocolate for my drink but usually after the main meal I am so full I have never actually made it to the dessert.  I finally did recently, during my graduation, with my little sister, and it was incredible.  I love their burger for the main course and then you just can't go wrong with any of their dessert concoctions.  It is a definite place to visit.

4) Cake Boss Cafe (in Time Square area): Now I have not visited this place but if it has the same pastries that are served in the original Carlos Bakery (i.e. Cake Boss HQ) then it has to be good.  I have taken the Path train twice with two different friends and waited in line to get into Carlos Bakery in Hoboken.  It is worth the crowds and the wait! So incredible, you can't go wrong with any choice though their crumb cake is phenomenal (and not too pricey), but I love their cupcakes, their lobster tails ...pretty much everything! It is worth going a little nuts.

5) Junior's Cheesecake (in Grand Central, but originally in Brooklyn): I have been to both locations and while the ambiance of the store in Brooklyn is a total diner feel, I love that you can get individual slices before you board a train out of Grand Central.  My go to and favorite is basically the classic with strawberries - except these must be genetically engineered strawberries because I have never seen them so large.  But it just hits the spot!

Now there are other places you can go like 16 Handles, Sprinkles, Georgetown Cupcakes, Dylan's Candy Bar, Bouchon Bakery, Laduree and Serendipity, which I have all been too and enjoy but the five above are my absolute favorites.

I also just realized that I really should start working on my Food Truck list and exploring the different ones that I have mentioned and I also am in the midst of compiling food places to visit in NYC and other cities that I hear about from shows on the Food Network and cooking channel.  So much to come on those two fronts... we shall see what I find out!

Update: regarding food trucks - I have only tried Korilla BBQ, and I have fallen in love with it, so much that I have eaten there a couple of times and really don't want to try other places... and I also just crave it!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,

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