Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What to Wear for Running

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So I don't know if I have mentioned it but I have been slowly training for a marathon that is in November!  As a result, I run pretty much every day, with a few days off here and there.  Even with the heat slowly creeping up here in NYC, I still prefer to wear capris/leggings to running shorts to prevent chafing.  My problem is, I have a hard time justifying purchasing more bottoms from Lululemon despite my love for that company with their expensive prices.  I have slowly been converted to Fabletics (Kate Hudson's brand) and I make sure I wait for the best deals but here are three leggings I am loving!

 Found under leggings on the website.
 Found under capris.
Found under capris.

I only own the camo ones but I am really considering the other 2!  Also mesh is super in and I bet it will be great for running in this summer.  Also, I recently met a woman in Home Depot who was wearing a similar version of the mesh leggings above.  When I asked her where her's were from, she said that she had just purchased them at Lululemon.  Now, I can't find them on the website but perhaps they have them? I still think I will wait to get them from Fabletics (with a great deal) since they probably cost about half of what Lululemon does.  Shop all these here at the website for Fabletics.

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