Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August Pastels

Hi Y'all!

Just a quick moment before I delve into the post, but I had such a lovely time with Birchbox and Caudalie last night! I am truly inspired by the growth of Birchbox and so I am so excited I got to attend and event and also get a free facial out of it!  I instagrammed the photos...but it will definitely come up again I think!

I am in love with pastel colors and florals.  I think the summer has gone by way too fast! I need it to slow down so I am totally into wearing everything that keeps me thinking its summer. Plus these colors are so pretty and feminine.  I also have been obsessed with the idea of chambray/denim joggers/trackpants - I know hop on the bandwagon but it might be a way for me to wear denim to work (not sure though..I'd have to make sure I dress them up but thankfully my boss knows I love fashion so he lets me be pretty free with what I wear as long as I still look appropriate)!

My biggest problem with this style though is that the inseam is never long enough - it has been pretty hard for me but this pair from J.Crew may actually fit.  I will have to check them out in person soon... I really should do a whole series on clothing (specifically pants) that fit tall girls, because I can never really wear the denim that most fashion bloggers are wearing since the inseam is usually around 28 and I need anywhere from 30-32 otherwise it looks like I am wearing capris - and trust me that is not a pretty look. But it's a good thought since I can't be the only tall girl (6 feet) that wants to wear what all the bloggers wear but can't :( I also am weirdly proportional in that I am have a long torso and long legs.  In fact, my best friend S who is 5'11" has longer legs than me so again everything I wear has to be longer in style otherwise I end up wearing a crop top and capris or basically it looks like I grew overnight...

I finally got Polyvore to work again (or more like the clipper), I don't know what the problem was before but oh well so I am excited to start using it (as much or more than I use pinterest) and will hopefully start making collages that are on par with some of the bloggers I love to follow.

August Pastels

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