Monday, August 18, 2014

Busy Monday

Hi Y'all!

As always, WHERE DID THE WEEKEND GO?  But actually...

And also, as always, my Monday has been crazy busy with meetings and what not and I have a lot to get done before I leave to go to my allergist appointment and get pricked in order to find out what new allergies I have developed now that I live in NYC full time.  So that will be fun...

But I thought that I would share with y'all the awesome 4 things I got at GAP when I was in Indiana during the friends and family sale.  It was such a great deal and all 4 things have become staples in my wardrobe - though I am pretty sure I now own every style of jeans in any color I would want so I literally can't/shouldn't buy anymore.

Recent Gap Purchases

Since I am 6 feet tall, I am a little limited in the brands I can wear - since I need a 30-34 inseam.  But I like that GAP offers good quality and in tall sizes.  I have wanted a pair of boyfriend jeans forever! Especially for traveling (sitting in cars or flying) since they look so comfortable, but every pair I tried on up till this point ended up looking like capris on me and hitting me in weird places, even in size 10.  For some lucky reason, the GAP in Indiana had a size 4 tall in the white pants (which I doubted would fit me, but the lady convinced me to try on since it was practically sold out online and it would be difficult for me to find again) and a size 6 tall in the dark denim bf jeans.  So I tried them on, thinking well I am about to flush my self confidence down the toilet since I know I am an 8-10 and even when I have tried on these jeans in regular sizes those had been really snug.  Now I go with the white one first because well get the worst over, and it actually zipped up.  Now it was snug but oh my goodness they fit.  And then with my confidence high, I tried on the other pair and they fit perfectly, exactly how a pair of bf jeans should fit.  I was elated.  I also managed to find the dress that I fell in love with on Pink Peonies, despite it being sold out everywhere, in the clearance rack and had to get that as well. Sometimes, things are just meant to be.

Well, that is yet another great story from my time in Indiana.  I can't wait till this Thursday to share with y'all pictures of the rest of my trip!  So excited!  And beware, there are so many pictures! My cousin comes into town for this weekend and we are going to do some exploring as well.  I also checked out two new dessert (ish) shops so I can't wait to share about all that in the future!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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