Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hey Y'all!

Thank goodness it is FRIDAY!!! I am so ready for the weekend! And, I can't believe it's August!!!

Well since I am running a little late with publishing this post I will get right down to it.

1) Some of my favorite fashion looks this week:
Sazan from SPAZ MAG

The Sweetest Thing (perfect summer look and with the hat is transitioning into Fall)

2) I am obsessed, obsessed, OBSESSED with the Revlon Parfumerie collection! Specifically these two colors that smell summery and aren't too much to wear for work.  Its perfect for me so that way I don't have to wear perfume.  But if you see in the picture, I do have a sample size perfume that has made me reconsider my "I will always be a coco Chanel Mademoiselle type of woman."  It's English Laundry and can be found on Birchbox

3) I am still really into blueberries, not necessarily eating them straight from a container but rather putting them in everything you can think of (thank goodness for Trader Joe's large containers of them for affordable prices).  
I am particularly obsessed with blueberry macarons, and now that I want them every day, I am really tempted to learn how to make them.  I'm a bit nervous though, because I have heard that Macarons are really difficult to make. So it will be a good challenge.  My problem is that I have been pintersting and googling to find a good blueberry and blueberry filling recipe but can't so I might have to resort to making my own by combining a couple different ones that I have found (that also look super delicious and I might still have to make) see below:
This is a recipe for lemon blueberry macarons.  And here is another recipe I found that also is lemon blueberry macarons but with a different color pallete. 

Blueberry Macarons recipe is here but I don't think it is quite right.  And then check out this Blueberry and white chocolate ganache! YUM!!! 

4) With all these desserts, I would hate to add another, but since I have basically a permanent sweet tooth, why not? SO I was reading this article in the NY times about Turkey and Baklava, and it just got me going and how I really want to learn how to make that as well.  So up it goes on my "to bake list" - I am one of those people who would love to take a cooking class, but it's NYC and super expensive so I am more of a go it alone type person.  I hope that if I follow directions and taste (quite a bit) it will work out well. And if not, ehh it can't be too bad to eat anyways.  After doing some research, I have heard great reviews of the Pioneer Woman's recipe so link is here.
Maybe I will get around to baking it this weekend.  But I might not, maybe I will just search the city and try to find some good places to buy it! (Which reminds me I do want to go on a search for a good turkish kebab/Döner place and I heard that there might be a good one in Midtown. So maybe this weekend I will focus on taste testing and exploring the city some.  Maybe I will even go to the polish neighborhood of brooklyn...never say never!)

5) With all these desserts, that I am craving, I figured I should get back into pilates - more like POP Pilates and so I am going to start with the beginners calendar, again... and see where it takes me!  
This is the schedule and is pretty manageable from what I remember.  Though it takes more time as you get closer to the end of the beginner month.  You can find it, recipes and more at Blogilates website

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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