Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hi Y'all!

My cousin is staying with me this weekend so we are going to do some exploring. Perhaps get to Brooklyn (or hit the beach) we shall see.  Just thought I would share some of my favorite things this week.

As I upload my photos from iPhoto to Flickr, I have started to come across old photos from my past trips.  This photo above is of a necklace that I fell in love with while shopping at the Bloomingdales at the Dubai Mall.  It was quite expensive because it is encrusted with diamonds and a saphire but I just found it so elegant and gorgeous.  Though the Hamza that I wear every day has a turquoise stone and it reminds me of my time in Israel - so I would not give it up in a thousand years but I do love this one above.  

My other favorite symbol that comes from history/religion/Middle East is the Ankh.  If I was to ever get a tattoo, it would be an white tattoo of an ankh on my wrist.  I am not sure if symbols have any real affect on people but I just feel such a comfort from them that I forget logic and cling to them!

There has been some great fashion looks from my two go to stars (i.e. Olivia Palermo and T-Swift - which I love her new song, you can tell she is just really having fun)!

And I can't forget my Fashion Bloggers:
Southern Curls and Pearls

The Pink Peonies

Barefoot Blonde
Just absolutely love these looks! Partially because they are helping me accept that summer is ending and it will shortly be fall but these are still great looks!

I also finally joined the fitness technology of the time and got a fitbit - I want to see how this goes but I still might give in and also get the Jawbone Up just to compare and see how they go.  So I used it last night for going to sleep and then this morning and it seems interesting.  I will have to do some reading to figure out what all I can use it for.  But I am excited.  I also already use Nike + Run app and Foodeducate but now I will get to incorporate fitbit into my daily routine.  

Now that I have my fitbit, I would consider getting one of the following bands from Tory Burch - who did an exclusive collaboration with Fitbit.

Last but not least, I read WWD every day (well I also am a bit behind) and just the other day I read about how Brooke Shields is doing a collaboration with MAC.  I love it! I don't wear much makeup ever but I love Brooke Shields and she has a very natural aura about her and I have a feeling that the makeup she designed will be right in her style. Below is a quick glimpse of what will be available come October 2.  This will be the largest "icon" collection done by MAC so it should be really exciting.

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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