Monday, August 4, 2014

Hi Y'all!

Busy morning and man did this weekend fly by!!! I really do think weekends should be three days!  I need it! But overall a good lazy weekend that I did barely what I needed to do but really have a ton of things I need to do that are still not done (does that make sense?) ! But this week will fly by because I leave Wednesday evening for Indiana with my Aunt to visit my extended family.  It will be really nice! I am excited to get out of the city.  I also hope to get to Connecticut to see S sometime in the next few months but she is working in Denver until September now so that won't be till she gets back.  I hope to visit a family friend who lives in a suburb of the city in the next few weeks and also I would like to get to DC to see my sister and her family and my closest friends who I really miss.

I am also excited because I know I am going to Austin for Labor Day weekend, Utah sometime in October (hopefully Columbus Day weekend), Atlanta at the end of October for my lil sissy's senior night, and then Las Vegas for my birthday (and S's). So lots of trips coming up to help break up work which will be really nice because I bet it will be really weird for me to not be starting school again!

Ok, so onto my post.  I have become obsessed with "window" shopping on Swoozies.  I love everything that they have, especially all their Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer stuff but I don't need any of it now.Though now that I have started to make smoothies every morning for breakfast, I actually can maybe spring for one of the tumblers now.  Here is what I am loving:
For $18 (Kate Spade)

For $16 (Lily Pulitzer) 
What I love about all the items at Swoozies is that you can inscribe anything on them! Like initials (true preppiness) or sayings!  When I have my own place, I am going to have a ton of these mason jars drinks because they are plastic but work great for a party or anything outdoors. I just love it!
I don't really drink alcohol, but I love the look of this one and I could put a virgin pina colada (recipe I recently found and really want to try). And even better, it's plastic.  I should really show this site to my mom because she is terrified of having any type of glass break by our pool at our house in Austin so she wants to buy so many things in plastic so that way we don't risk it.  I love it because I never learned how to not be a clutz.  I trip over my feet all the time and will definitely end up breaking something.

I wonder if I will pull the trigger soon and finally buy at least one of the tumblers.  But I am going to keep thinking about it until after Indiana at least.

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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