Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer to Fall Hats in Transition

Hi Y'all!!

So I am excited share another collage with y'all and this one is about yet another way to transition from Summer into Fall. I am a huge fan of hats because I am pale white (thank you Irish genes) and I am terrified of skin cancer so I wear a ton of SPF at all times! But what is even better than wearing SPF is to actually just wear a hat! I don't know when I got so crazy about hats, but it was within this last year or so (since I came back from living in the Middle East for sure)! I have a few styles but I just want more and more (granted that is probably a sign of a shopping addiction...but shhh).  However, these are all styles that I can wear either now or a few are more for the Fall.  I guess it might not be so easy to wear one of the hats all year round (thanks to different materials) but I would definitely wear some of the summer styles while I vacation somewhere warm during the winter holidays (anyone say HAWAII??? I am trying to get my parents to jump on board for that idea...) But I am both ready for Fall and not wanting to let go of the Summer.  So this collage represents my mixed feelings of this impending change.

Hats Summer and Fall

Thanks for reading!

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