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Travel Thursday (Friday): Indiana Part 2

Hi Y'all!

So last week I published part 1 of my trip to Indiana. This is PART 2! Basically is all about my time Saturday at the State Fair.  I left Sunday to head back to New York.

The Indiana State Fair is a tradition in my family to visit during the summer and it is about celebrating farming and food!  The last time I went was four years ago and I was not feeling so well since I had partied with all the cousins late into the night and I would like to say I never do that.

I think this time went much better!
So it is in this huge convention center area that is reserved just for the annual State Fair and it is a pretty massive complex. 

Once inside, you have to choose between food, roller coasters or checking out the different 
barns that house different animals.  The first one we checked out was the cow barn!

In between the barns we grabbed food and what not but I will share the different barns together and then I will share all the different food (mostly fried) that I (and the family) ate.

Next up is the Pig Barn.  We saw the World's Largest Pig and also the Champion Sow (as well as both runner ups).

Following that barn, we checked out the Sheep Barn and the Horse Barn - I don't have any pictures of the Horse Barn because it wasn't time for them to be judged so not many of the horses had been brought in yet.

We called this last one, 50 Shades of Sheep.  The poor guy was just tied in there and left.  Not sure what happened to its owner but it kept bahing/bleeping at us.  We felt so bad but we also couldn't stop laughing because it did remind all of us (the grownups that is) of 50 Shades of Grey...

The last barn we visited held bunnies and chickens/birds (and the babies).

This bottom picture is of baby turkeys.

So onto some of the delicious food we ate - though most of it was not good for you at all.  
Of course I had to start off at this stand! I mean I don't eat fried food because normally it upsets my stomach and well I prefer to find other ways to enjoy my calories.  But knowing I was going to the Indiana State Fair, I had been on a cleanse earlier in the week (lots of green juices) and just knew I would have to suck it up. 

So I got the for the whole family to try: Deep Fried Oreos and Deep Fried Reeses.  Now I loved both but the Deep Fried Reeses was just so incredible.  I am drooling just thinking about it.

This stand was right next door.  I mean doughnut burger...I was actually really tempted to try - but didn't.

Down here you can see a deep fried twinkie stand, there is also the option to get deep fried butter (how is that even possible).  Literally, if you think of it, someone at the State Fair will figure out a way to deep fry it!

Now this is a famous tradition (as well as get the Lemon Icee drink). Local corn roasted and dipped in butter sauce.  Then you can add as much salt and pepper as you would like!

For lunch some of us chose to get what else other than Gyros! But I have to be honest, whether it is Shwarma, Dönner or Gyros, I crave it 24/7.  It is the weirdest thing but I seriously can eat this at any time and any day.  I also crave Baklava.  I usually allow myself one a week but seriously it is my favorite thing.  Which makes me super excited to try the Famous Halal Guys next week!

When the kids went on roller coasters later, my aunt got a funnel cake.  I had a piece - but I was starting to not feel well from the earlier fried oreos and reeses so I actually did not eat too much of it.

And then I also had to have another piece of my Aunt's elephant ear! 

What I was super excited for though was to try to the fresh made custard and shake at the dairy tent.  At the cow barn, they have milk machines (because cows have to be milked) and then you can get from that the fresh cheese, and ice cream/custard at the dairy tent. So excellent! 

Saw this right by the pig barn and thought it was funny.

And when you enter food coma, that is what this big tractor is for.  It is pulling a train of benches (no better words to describe it) throughout the park is the thing to get on and hopefully digest some.

My younger cousins went on a few roller coaster rides toward the end of our time at the fair. 

I honestly had such a great time but I also passed out for a little while once we got back to one of my Aunt's house because I was just completely exhausted! You should definitely go if you are visiting Indiana!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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