Friday, August 15, 2014

Travel Thursday: Indiana Trip - Part 1

Hi Y'all!

Sorry for the super late post (as in it's Friday and this was meant for Thursday) but I spent Thursday morning at Tiffany's for my boss - I know tough life!  And then got super busy checking everything once I got back.  I did get a lunch break yesterday and I came upon the Morris Truck and had to get it despite my initial craving for doner/shwarma/gyro.  Can't wait to do an update food trucks I've tried but just got to say, my go to for Thursday will be the Morris Truck!

Ok so for Part 1 I am going to include adventures in Indiana for Thursday and Friday (day 1 and 2).

Even though I went to bed sometime after midnight (thank you late night flight) my body still woke up at 8 AM so I did my typical stretches and grabbed some grapes before heading out into the gorgeous cool weather and going for a 5.2 mile run around the neighborhood.

I then came back to delicious toast and eggs (I got the recipe for the scrambled eggs and can't wait to share) and sat down in the backyard screened-in-porch and relax.  I tried to do some work and read WWD but ended up online shopping/stalking my favorite bloggers.  Afterwards we headed over to my other Aunt's house and see two more of my cousins.  We made lunch (pasta -another recipe I have to share, mac and cheese and pizza - carb family) and relaxed.  I loved that we taught two of my Aunts and one of my cousins to play hearts.  It was so much fun! We even took a run to the grocery store to get more food before ordering La Hac (La Hacinada?) - amazing Mexican style food. Everything was so delicious.  Can you tell that we are a family always in search of our next meal? But it isn't a bad way to live ;)  Below are just some photos of Kyle, one of my cousins who was born with a severe case of cerebral palsy.  She has two younger siblings and I love all 3 so much but it has been a very long time since I had seen any of them.  They had all gotten so big!

It was an early night and I just curled up in my bed with the kitties!

Friday morning we got up had breakfast and I stretched before we left to go pick up two of my cousins and take them to the mall.  I love shopping and we just had a fun time walking around Fashion Mall and then getting lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! I freaking love that place! Seriously! Great salads and the cheesecake is so good! I got the white chocolate raspberry one and if only I could eat that every day!
I am convinced I took a picture of my cheesecake slice that I got but I can't find it any where.  

Afterwards, I crashed back at my Aunt's house where I was staying and took a nap while listening to the cooking channel! Dinner was a delicious combination of leftover food - lasagna, mexican and whatever else my aunt was able to whip up! She is such an amazing cook!  And it was so beautiful outside I wanted to sit but the cats just looked at me and were like go find another place to sit (or sit on the ground)!
I had to include a picture of brie because no family time together in Indiana is complete without at least one appetizer always being brie! And I love it every time!

So just a quick snapshot into my weekend.  Part 2 is the more fun part since we spent Saturday at the state fair before relaxing at my aunt's place (jumping in the pool, more hearts, and spending good quality time with my family)!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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