Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Travel/Tasty Tuesday: New York

Hi Y'all!

So I thought instead of my traditional tasty Tuesday blog post (which lets be honest, hasn't happened in a few weeks thanks to the craziness of life) and I thought instead how about I share my exploration of New York this last weekend with S!

We started off the weekend with breakfast/brunch at Sarabeths!  It is the quintessential place to go for brunch! Fabulous breakfast and lunch items - I always get the goldie lox omelet (eggs, cream cheese and smoked salmon)!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Boots!

Hi Y'all!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!! S came into town and we did so much though I am completely exhausted and did not eat right at all this weekend nor did I get my super long run in so that means I have to do it tonight :/! I actually go out to her place in ct this weekend - we are going to go apple picking!

But onto my post:

Even though I finally have my Tory Burch riding boots - and I love them, I can't help but take notice of some of other great Fall/Winter boots!  These are some fall boots I am drooling over and pondering if/when I can get them:

Fall Boot Styles

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hi Y'all!

Sorry for not posting (again) this week.  It was a pretty busy week with me missing one day and then getting food poisoning on Wednesday.  I couldn't get much done, which has piled the work on!

I currently am in love with all things fall, or more specifically all foods that represent the beginning of fall, like apples and more specifically apple cider donuts!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Outfit Inspiration

Hi Y'all!

Sorry for the lack of a post on Tuesday.  To be honest, the office was crazy busy/stressful since I was traveling Monday.  And, I had no "tasty tuesday" to share :(

However, one of my bestest and oldest friends is in town this week and I then get to see another best friend this weekend.  I am so lucky to have T in my life and that she is here! I can't wait for her to move up here in NYC! I also am blessed to have S in my life these two + R keep me sane! I just wish we could have a penthouse apartment somewhere and all live together.  It would be the perfect life.

So T came up Monday night, but because of traveling, I could not see her until Tuesday! We had lunch with her mom at Joe Allen and because of all the craziness in the morning I hadn't eaten so I got a CHEESEBURGER and boy it was exactly what I needed followed up with their pudding chocolate dessert and if it wasn't for my skirt getting so tight I would have finished it for sure!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Comfy Monday

Hi Y'all!

I am currently traveling and so I wrote this post ahead of time - yay for planning!! And in line with traveling, actually road tripping with my mom and dog from Austin to Colorado, I want to be as comfortable as possible. This got me thinking on the new stuff I "need" from Lululemon (or some other places as well...) - especially since I will be running a half marathon in two months.

Friday, September 19, 2014

NYFW Wrap Up

Hi Y'all!

Ok so instead of a Friday Favorites that I usually like to do, I thought I would finish up my posts regarding NYFW.  I mean fashion is a constant favorite so it counts right?? SO this will include my last four favorite designers!
Michael Kors

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Travel/Throwback Thursday: Abu Dhabi Pt. 2

Hi Y'all!

So for Travel Thursday, I thought I would continue with showing - recap - my time in Abu Dhabi.  This will include some NYU Abu Dhabi events as well as some time with my parents - they each came out separately to visit me during my time there (couldn't leave the dog alone back in the States).
My adorable roommate from Sri Lanka, who I definitely need to reach out to because I've been meaning to email her back - will be done today!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

NYFW Continued

Hi Y'all!

How is it only Wednesday??? I swear it should be Friday (which would mean that I would be in Austin by midnight) but it is ONLY Wednesday.  I am jam packed with plans for the next few days/tasks.  Though I have a very nerdy but wonderful event to go to tonight: Ancient Egypt lecture at the National Art Club. I am so excited - and I get to leave work early... *in sha allah* because if you know me...I never leave work early or even close to the time I "plan" to leave - it is usually an hour later but I am going with a friend and she will have a car waiting for me at 5:45 so I have to leave early!

Which means major focusing needed today in order to get all my work done!! SO onto my post... I wanted to share a few more looks from NYFW (on the runways) even though NYFW is over and it is now London Fashion Week and shortly it will be Paris Fashion Week - which is just pure art!

Calvin Klein

Carolina Herrera

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tasty Tuesday - Austin

Hi Y'all!

So normally I would use a trip to Austin to explore places and then post it on "travel thursday" but honestly when I visited Austin for Labor Day weekend, my parents and I were quite content with relaxing in the pool and staying around the house. I mean, don't get me wrong, I did a lot of work around the house organizing my boxes, figuring out what to be sent right away to NYC, what to hold for later and what to keep at the house.  I also worked on scanning pictures to make them digital and store them onto my flickr account - make a digital backup.  It gave me some great throwback thursday and flashback friday pictures that I will have to take advantage of.

Otherwise, if I wasn't relaxing, I was doing what my family does best: eat!!!

My mom and I grabbed a quick lunch bite to eat Thursday when I arrived at a sushi restaurant in Steiner Ranch area.   It was quite delicious though it took a little bit longer than we were used to to get our food.  But still yummy!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Altuzzara for Target

Hi Y'all!

Good morning! It's Monday... I am ready for this week but that doesn't stop me from being exhausted.  I really have to get to bed early tonight so I may end up not following through with some plans tonight, even though I would love to meet up with some friends and maybe meet some more new people. We shall see - I am not sure if I can make it haha.

I have a feeling this week will fly by and be quite busy but I fly to Austin Friday night so that will be quite nice.  This weekend the Altuzarra collection for Target was released and I thought I would share some of my favorite pieces from the collection below.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hi Y'all!

I have had a pretty long week.  If we've talked you know what is going on and it can be frustrating and gut wrenching.  I feel like I'm completely surrounded by grey/gray (not just the weather) but in everything.  Mentally, I keep forcing myself to turn it around but it still leaks in.  Ok done pouring my soul out, today is Friday and it is the beginning of the weekend and I will hear about something today and that will make a difference (or maybe not we shall see).  So I am a bundle of nervous energy so I am going to push quotes today to help me calm down because I am having a really hard time focusing on anything else.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throwback/Travel Thursday: Abu Dhabi

Hi Y'all!

Today is 9/11.  I was 10 years old when the terrorist attacks happened.  It made me who I am and made me want to understand Islam and the Middle East.  As a result, I was going to share photos from my time in Austin, but because I spent most of the time with my parents and at the house (in the pool) there isn't much to show and I thought that it would be appropriate to finally start sharing some of pictures from my time in Abu Dhabi (I will then share Dubai, more Abu Dhabi and Turkey).  Sounds cool right? I can't believe it was two years ago already.  This is mostly from my first week there - i.e. arrival and orientation.  I will eventually show you pictures of Dubai (1 hour away and I usually went for the day - like Friday with my cousin M) and other fun things that I experienced in Abu Dhabi.  I will then show pictures of J and my trip to Turkey in December but it wasn't too cold and so much fun! We really bonded during that trip and are still quite close!
I had a layover in Frankfurt so I got my favorite Apfelsaft (apple juice mixed with sparkling water) and Deutsche InStyle!  It was a great way to spend my time waiting.  I always love reading German InStyle it always feel like what is popular there now will be popular stateside in 6 months.

I came across this upon my arrival.

I had to get a car service to take me to my hotel because there weren't enough taxis and I refused to wait another minute in the August air that is basically 100% humidity thanks to the gulf and the best way to describe it is that I walked into a wall (of air) when I made my first step out from the ac.  It does get significantly better once it is October but it truly is unbearable up until that point.  You also learn that you have to dress in layers because outside is so hot but inside is so cold!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New York Fashion Week

Hi Y'all!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! Weirdly enough, this week feels like it should have been Friday yesterday even though the hours fly by it still feels like such a long week.  To me, it is all very bizarre.  But it also seems that the weather has decided to turn to Fall.  It is definitely cooler out and there is just the smell of Fall in the air when I go for a run in the morning.

This New York Fashion Week, I was unable to attend any of the shows - because I work now full time :(.  However, I did get to attend some of the fun events associated with this very fashionable period.  You can see pictures on instagram!

So even though I haven't been at any of the shows I did watch via the live stream and also just followed a ton of bloggers and what they were posting.  Here are some of my favorite looks for S/S 2015 (Spring/Summer) from the first few days:



Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tasty Tuesday

Hi Y'all!

With my back going out on Sunday and being so busy the past few days I haven't been able to really bake.  So there is no new recipe today :( I wanted to do one but I will just have to make time for it for the next Tasty Tuesday.

I have started to try different recipes at Starbucks -meaning the secret ones.  Which I know is kind of ridiculous since I have a nespresso machine at the office (and one in the apartment, though it isn't mine) but I only allow myself one a week to shake things up - and usually on a day that I have brought food.  I also shouldn't drink coffee but I am a New Yorker and I so need it - I don't drink soda anymore (including the ever powerful diet coke) so there is that!

Firstly, I finally gave in and got a Pumpkin Spice Latte (not a secret recipe just a seasonal one) while I was in Austin.  And it is slightly abhorrent because it was still August though only a few days away from being September.  But see that's my problem I can't decide if I am ready for summer to end and fall to begin even though Fall is my favorite season.  It is just so weird to not be returning to school and also not having to train for basketball.  I mean that has been my life for forever!  It is weird! Ok so I finally gave into the PSL and I loved every minute of it.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Birchbox Monday

Hi Y'all!

Wow. Boy do the weekends fly by or what!!! I actually got quite a bit done on Saturday since I was supposed to have a super busy Sunday and then my back went out Sunday morning! It is still "out" as in that I am having muscle spasms go up and down the left side of my back but I am still at my desk hoping that it will disappear and dreaming of my bed.  But actually, I foam rolled last night and this morning which helped some and I think that at lunch after I go get my nails done at a free fashion week event, I will pick up a lacrosse ball at City Sports (right by my office) and just have that press into the knots that I can feel are in my back for the rest of the afternoon.

I thought that I would start this week by sharing what I got in my Birchbox (monthly subscription) for August.  My september box should arrive today so I will probably share that next week.  I would have shared it sooner but I actually only just got my August box last week do to some difficulties in the post office.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hi Y'all!

Wow this week flew by!  I was so busy in the office I barely had a chance to breathe.  I am so ready for this weekend though.  I think I am going to go out to Ikea and maybe pick up some stuff for my "room."

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Travel Thursday: Brooklyn

Hi Y'all!

Ok! So I am not lying.  I wrote the entire blog so that all I would have to do was upload the pictures and post it Thursday morning before I left for the airport to head to Texas last week. But... we all know that I forgot to do that since it took me forever to pack because basically I was lazy and watched the telly the whole time and I also left the office quite late!  Also, to make myself feel better, I also had a really hard time getting the pictures off the memory chip and onto flickr/a computer.  But here we go!

So two weekends ago my cousin, MB, came into town and we decided to explore Brooklyn on that Saturday.

We started off by exploring the Brooklyn Flea Market and Smorgasburg.  Oh my goodness so much good food at Smorgasburg.  I hate a duck sandwich, then MB got a Colombian dish (I believe or was it Bolivian?) and then I got us macaroons, and a smorebar (that I had heard about on Unique Sweets).  As if that wasn't enough sweets already, I had to try CoolHaus (check) ice cream sandwich which was a food cart right outside the Brooklyn Flea market.

Below are some of the 120 pictures I took while exploring that day. I tried to just share some memorable and good ones.

I love this type of "bun" so I had to try it and it was good but almost too much herbs for me!

MB of course found a really good Colombian food stand and had to try it.  She spoke Spanish with them and I just stared at them acting like I was totally understanding the conversation... 


Supposedly this brand has been on Oprah.

Hi Manhattan! I don't like leaving you but can be tempted with food...

bacon cupcakes...

That's right that is a s'more bar! It was good not great though. I enjoyed Coolhaus much more!

And then we walked outside of Smorgasburg and into the Brooklyn Flea Market and afterwards stopped at the Coolhaus cart and I chose to use snickerdoodle cookies with bananas foster ice cream.  Can you say delicious.  

You can also bet I was on a sugar bender. It was not good but so good at the same time!

After that huge food fest, we decided to walk up to Green Point area and explore the "Polish" area.  It has been pretty gentrified but there are still some remnants and good food - though we were still full from our exploration of Smorgasburg.  But we still decided to pick up bagels and donuts at Peter Pan and again,we enjoyed these later but so good!

MB treated me to a coconut donut and a bagel (for breakfast the next day)!  SO GOOD! If you ever are in Brooklyn, you have to check out Peter Pan Donuts.  It's famous for a reason.  But bring cash because you don't want to look like a noob when they say we only take cash...

So for future, I need to go back to Green Point and go to a good Polish restaurant.  I then need to go to Dunbo and explore that area.  Maybe even go back to Buffalo Wild Wings with my old teammates to relive the "good old days" and obviously hit up Target since it is right next to it.

My dinner last night got postponed till tonight so it will be really good to see SH!  Also, thought I should mention that I once again made my "awesome sauce" blueberry sour cream pound cake and literally can only crave that, grilled cheese and rice noodles.  Weird eating habits for sure!  Sorry that this was so late but I really did have a lot of problems uploading the photos and then well I have had a super busy day!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What I Want: J. Crew

Hi Y'all!

What a hectic morning! But oh well... lots to do today and I've got dinner plans with one of my close friends that I never get to see even though we work maybe 20 blocks apart! So super excited and looking at the amount of work I have to get done, it is going to go by super fast! Also, my aunt ordered me Chirping Chicken yesterday so I have it for lunch today.  She is the best!

So down to the post but is there never a point that I don't want something from J. Crew? Seriously, how is that time and time again they create something that I don't just want but need! The good thing is that I am so orderly that I make a list of what I want and force myself to wait (and think about how much I want this item and if I really need it) before buying it on sale (with an extra sale percentage taken off + discount for my student id)!

Here is an outfit that I currently am craving to get (and wear to the office or any day of the week...):

Wednesday Craving - JCrew

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tasty Tuesday

Hi Y'all!

Things are just so crazy! I had a such a wonderful time home in Austin and even though I didn't do much at the same time I did? That makes no sense... but I did a lot of things that weren't on my to do list and didn't do much on my actual to do list :/ so I have mixed feelings on that.  I got back late last night and need some major caffeine because my head is foggy! However, the morning has flown by and I've been kicking myself for not getting any posts done over the long weekend.

Oh well too late for that.  But, today's post is a really easy but delicious recipe.  I got the idea from this blog: Southern Curls and Pearls
Sadly I learned that since I didn't have a pineapple corer I could not make it into a cute glass like this gal did.  However, my mom taught me how to pick out a ripe pineapple and get out the juicy fruit - up until that point, I have to be honest, I always bought pineapple pre-cut (what a waste of money) but I had no idea how to prepare it.  Now I do! 

Hint: to pick a ripe pineapple my mom says to look at the leaves on top and see if they come off easily when you tug.  If they do, then it is close to being ripe.  She also taught me how to cut off the pointy parts and then then its pretty straightforward to cutting into the sizes you want! 

I still was craving a refreshing pineapple drink turned slushie to slurp as I sat in/by the pool.  So we took two handfuls of ice into the blender and then 1 quarter of the prepared pineapple and blended together (almost a minute) until it was really ground up and the ice made it into a slushie.  It was really good!

Definitely nowhere near as cute as the instagrammed photo from above but oh well I was too busy enjoying the beautiful weather in Texas and drinking this!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,