Monday, September 8, 2014

Birchbox Monday

Hi Y'all!

Wow. Boy do the weekends fly by or what!!! I actually got quite a bit done on Saturday since I was supposed to have a super busy Sunday and then my back went out Sunday morning! It is still "out" as in that I am having muscle spasms go up and down the left side of my back but I am still at my desk hoping that it will disappear and dreaming of my bed.  But actually, I foam rolled last night and this morning which helped some and I think that at lunch after I go get my nails done at a free fashion week event, I will pick up a lacrosse ball at City Sports (right by my office) and just have that press into the knots that I can feel are in my back for the rest of the afternoon.

I thought that I would start this week by sharing what I got in my Birchbox (monthly subscription) for August.  My september box should arrive today so I will probably share that next week.  I would have shared it sooner but I actually only just got my August box last week do to some difficulties in the post office.

So it came with:
  1. Shampoo and Conditioner by Neil George - the size was perfect to take with me on trips and I used it once while in Austin (I only wash my hair like 3 times a week to preserve the oils) and it did a nice job though I much prefer my organix stuff so I probably won't be purchasing it anytime soon. 
  2. lotion - have not tried.  I have so many lotions already that I am trying to use that stuff up though again it is the perfect travel size so I may just wait to use it for that.
  3. Nügg face mask - I LOVED THIS!! I actually do plan on buying this once I use up the rest of the face mask stuff that I have.  Though I may not even wait since I love love love this product and it is very different from the Mint Julep Masque I already use (once a week) so I may just need to supplement it with this.
  4. and silver eye shadow (cream)  - have not tried yet since I only usually wear eye shadow for when I am going out and I haven't done that recently.  
I did attend a fashion week Birchbox event on Friday down in the new store and I loved it.  I had not been to the new Birchbox store in SoHo and it is really quite gorgeous and light.  Very different vibe from Sephora.  I also had my hair done and there really is no better pleasure than someone playing with your hair.  I just really had a great evening. I am attending another event there tonight so can't wait to share photos 

Avery did my hair for me and he was wonderful and even though I will never have the big hair - large braid that I see all over pinterst and blogs (because I have super thin hair) he still made it look just wonderful!

Thanks for reading!
With joy,


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