Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hi Y'all!

I have had a pretty long week.  If we've talked you know what is going on and it can be frustrating and gut wrenching.  I feel like I'm completely surrounded by grey/gray (not just the weather) but in everything.  Mentally, I keep forcing myself to turn it around but it still leaks in.  Ok done pouring my soul out, today is Friday and it is the beginning of the weekend and I will hear about something today and that will make a difference (or maybe not we shall see).  So I am a bundle of nervous energy so I am going to push quotes today to help me calm down because I am having a really hard time focusing on anything else.

Not sure if this has to do with how I am feeling but it so made me laugh! 

I of course had to end with that one! 

I also haven't had much of an appetite because work has been so stressful and busy that I haven't even thought about food until its much later in the day and then I just have a snack here or there :/ But a fact about me, when I get sad/stressed I eventually get out of the not eating funk to then over eat and bake especially delicious sweets! Here are some things I think I will have to make time to make this weekend (and of course share):

Despite everything, I am excited because I am going out of the city, but just for tonight.  I will be back and have a busy evening Saturday!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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