Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Outfit Inspiration

Hi Y'all!

Sorry for the lack of a post on Tuesday.  To be honest, the office was crazy busy/stressful since I was traveling Monday.  And, I had no "tasty tuesday" to share :(

However, one of my bestest and oldest friends is in town this week and I then get to see another best friend this weekend.  I am so lucky to have T in my life and that she is here! I can't wait for her to move up here in NYC! I also am blessed to have S in my life these two + R keep me sane! I just wish we could have a penthouse apartment somewhere and all live together.  It would be the perfect life.

So T came up Monday night, but because of traveling, I could not see her until Tuesday! We had lunch with her mom at Joe Allen and because of all the craziness in the morning I hadn't eaten so I got a CHEESEBURGER and boy it was exactly what I needed followed up with their pudding chocolate dessert and if it wasn't for my skirt getting so tight I would have finished it for sure!

I thought that today I would do an outfit inspiration based on the outfit I wore to work on Tuesday!  I finally wore a "fall" outfit in that I got to wear my Tory Burch riding boots that I had gotten during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! in August.

What I wore (A-line houndstooth skirt from asos - sold out and Tory Burch boots + old knee high white socks).  I am obsessed with the Fall - though it is a little on the cool end for me right now - at least in the morning, but I am in love with the pattern houndstooth and I have wanted the Tory Burch boots for years and I finally was able to get them during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale - big item off my checklist! 

Below is my inspiration collage that I made on Polyvore:

Houndstooth Skirt Outfit Inspiration

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