Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tasty Tuesday - Austin

Hi Y'all!

So normally I would use a trip to Austin to explore places and then post it on "travel thursday" but honestly when I visited Austin for Labor Day weekend, my parents and I were quite content with relaxing in the pool and staying around the house. I mean, don't get me wrong, I did a lot of work around the house organizing my boxes, figuring out what to be sent right away to NYC, what to hold for later and what to keep at the house.  I also worked on scanning pictures to make them digital and store them onto my flickr account - make a digital backup.  It gave me some great throwback thursday and flashback friday pictures that I will have to take advantage of.

Otherwise, if I wasn't relaxing, I was doing what my family does best: eat!!!

My mom and I grabbed a quick lunch bite to eat Thursday when I arrived at a sushi restaurant in Steiner Ranch area.   It was quite delicious though it took a little bit longer than we were used to to get our food.  But still yummy!

That night we ate at the infamous Boathouse grill where we grabbed a fabulous and tasty burger (one of the best I've ever eaten) and some of the most crunchy fries! I just love that place - though I am also glad that I don't live around there because I would weigh like 300 lbs. Sadly, I can't find any pictures even though I thought I did take some.

The next day, we grabbed doener (döner) kebab for lunch at Verts, which is probably the closest thing the US has got to a Berlin döner! Pretty darn tasty too!

That evening my mom introduced me to Papa Murphys...and I fell in LOVE! So basically you can go in and they will make whatever pizza you want (with tons of ingredients - healthy and not so ...) and then you can pick the dough (thick or thin or gluten free - I think) and they will make it together and then provide you with instructions on how to cook it.  And it is super afordable! I got a pesto pizza with sausage (instead of chicken) and all types of white cheese, sun dried tomatoes and artichokes! Even though my parents love their meat lovers I think I converted the two of them over to the artichoke on pizza side - I wanted to say dark side but I don't think that was even closely relevant!
Over the weekend, we spent one afternoon in downtown Austin (while Zeus got his haircut) and we stopped by this hole in the wall place: Shoal Creek Saloon! And it is always a favorite of mine because I am always craving southern home style cooking! We got so much to eat (but it was counting as both our dinner and lunch so it was ok...) and we watched the UT football game!

Started off with some boudin - excellent!

Followed up with a side of Hush Puppies!

Main course for me was garlic shrimp over perfectly cooked rice (and toasted baguette)

And of course you can't not get a serving of crayfish (crawfish) po'boy! Let me just say, we all entered food coma quite happily afterwards! 

I also forced my mom to stop by the Kolachi Factory and let me get some Kolachis for breakfast/snack. I just love me some excellent Polish food!
This was a blueberry one! It was warm fresh out of the oven.  I definitely had a happy face on! 

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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