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Throwback/Travel Thursday: Abu Dhabi

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Today is 9/11.  I was 10 years old when the terrorist attacks happened.  It made me who I am and made me want to understand Islam and the Middle East.  As a result, I was going to share photos from my time in Austin, but because I spent most of the time with my parents and at the house (in the pool) there isn't much to show and I thought that it would be appropriate to finally start sharing some of pictures from my time in Abu Dhabi (I will then share Dubai, more Abu Dhabi and Turkey).  Sounds cool right? I can't believe it was two years ago already.  This is mostly from my first week there - i.e. arrival and orientation.  I will eventually show you pictures of Dubai (1 hour away and I usually went for the day - like Friday with my cousin M) and other fun things that I experienced in Abu Dhabi.  I will then show pictures of J and my trip to Turkey in December but it wasn't too cold and so much fun! We really bonded during that trip and are still quite close!
I had a layover in Frankfurt so I got my favorite Apfelsaft (apple juice mixed with sparkling water) and Deutsche InStyle!  It was a great way to spend my time waiting.  I always love reading German InStyle it always feel like what is popular there now will be popular stateside in 6 months.

I came across this upon my arrival.

I had to get a car service to take me to my hotel because there weren't enough taxis and I refused to wait another minute in the August air that is basically 100% humidity thanks to the gulf and the best way to describe it is that I walked into a wall (of air) when I made my first step out from the ac.  It does get significantly better once it is October but it truly is unbearable up until that point.  You also learn that you have to dress in layers because outside is so hot but inside is so cold!

This was my hotel I was staying at until it was time for me to move in to the NYU building. 

I took a lot of pictures while touring Abu Dhabi with the NYU AD orientation bus. 

Not a good picture but this is Ferrari World located on Yas Island.  Ok so before I go further, I should explain that Abu Dhabi is an emirate within the United Emirates.  It is also the city on the Abu Dhabi island though the emirate of Abu Dhabi is comprised of many islands though only 30% of the emirate is inhibited. Yas island is a lot like most of the other islands in that it is a desert with minimal vegetation but in this case there is much construction going on with the building of a water park right next to Ferrari world which has a roller coaster.  I personally never went because I found it quite pricey but it does supposedly have a roller coaster and can be fun for the family.  

There are approximately 5 hotels on Yas island.  The most famous/well known is the Yas Viceroy (not a good picture) but its massive hotel and has the formula 1 race track and marina where one of the Princes/Sheikhs keeps some of his boats from his collection.  Now it is fine to stay on Yas island but if you want to see most of the main Abu Dhabi stuff you would want to stay on Abu Dhabi island. 

interesting architecture I found while on the tour.

This is looking at the island from an alcove that is connected by a thin strip and where one of the many malls is.  Much of life revolves around either being in a hotel or a mall (especially during the warm months).

This was a view of NYU's permanent campus that was being built on Saadiyat Island.  It is now complete and you can get a tour here

The Emirates Palace.  Many fond memories of this place.  Is a 5 star hotel with several 5 star restaurants.  Best of the Best.

These three images are of the NYU AD building.  If you weren't having classes in Sama tower than you were here (or if you are a science person those are held elsewhere).

Images of my dorm room. I loved my roommate AN

The first week, us 5 NYU NYC study abroad students decided to head out to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque since it is one of the attractions after class one day.  However, we came during one of the calls to prayer so we could only explore outside (not go into the prayer room).  It was still quite beautiful.  It was only completed a few years ago but it is quite grandiose.

These two are images of my cousin M's apartment complex.  It is quite cool and very self sufficient with its own shopping and grocery store. 

Starbucks is quite common and is in every mall both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  There are also some freestanding Starbucks throughout the cities.  

This a designated location for expats to go to for certain foods in a grocery store.

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