Thursday, September 4, 2014

Travel Thursday: Brooklyn

Hi Y'all!

Ok! So I am not lying.  I wrote the entire blog so that all I would have to do was upload the pictures and post it Thursday morning before I left for the airport to head to Texas last week. But... we all know that I forgot to do that since it took me forever to pack because basically I was lazy and watched the telly the whole time and I also left the office quite late!  Also, to make myself feel better, I also had a really hard time getting the pictures off the memory chip and onto flickr/a computer.  But here we go!

So two weekends ago my cousin, MB, came into town and we decided to explore Brooklyn on that Saturday.

We started off by exploring the Brooklyn Flea Market and Smorgasburg.  Oh my goodness so much good food at Smorgasburg.  I hate a duck sandwich, then MB got a Colombian dish (I believe or was it Bolivian?) and then I got us macaroons, and a smorebar (that I had heard about on Unique Sweets).  As if that wasn't enough sweets already, I had to try CoolHaus (check) ice cream sandwich which was a food cart right outside the Brooklyn Flea market.

Below are some of the 120 pictures I took while exploring that day. I tried to just share some memorable and good ones.

I love this type of "bun" so I had to try it and it was good but almost too much herbs for me!

MB of course found a really good Colombian food stand and had to try it.  She spoke Spanish with them and I just stared at them acting like I was totally understanding the conversation... 


Supposedly this brand has been on Oprah.

Hi Manhattan! I don't like leaving you but can be tempted with food...

bacon cupcakes...

That's right that is a s'more bar! It was good not great though. I enjoyed Coolhaus much more!

And then we walked outside of Smorgasburg and into the Brooklyn Flea Market and afterwards stopped at the Coolhaus cart and I chose to use snickerdoodle cookies with bananas foster ice cream.  Can you say delicious.  

You can also bet I was on a sugar bender. It was not good but so good at the same time!

After that huge food fest, we decided to walk up to Green Point area and explore the "Polish" area.  It has been pretty gentrified but there are still some remnants and good food - though we were still full from our exploration of Smorgasburg.  But we still decided to pick up bagels and donuts at Peter Pan and again,we enjoyed these later but so good!

MB treated me to a coconut donut and a bagel (for breakfast the next day)!  SO GOOD! If you ever are in Brooklyn, you have to check out Peter Pan Donuts.  It's famous for a reason.  But bring cash because you don't want to look like a noob when they say we only take cash...

So for future, I need to go back to Green Point and go to a good Polish restaurant.  I then need to go to Dunbo and explore that area.  Maybe even go back to Buffalo Wild Wings with my old teammates to relive the "good old days" and obviously hit up Target since it is right next to it.

My dinner last night got postponed till tonight so it will be really good to see SH!  Also, thought I should mention that I once again made my "awesome sauce" blueberry sour cream pound cake and literally can only crave that, grilled cheese and rice noodles.  Weird eating habits for sure!  Sorry that this was so late but I really did have a lot of problems uploading the photos and then well I have had a super busy day!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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