Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Travel/Tasty Tuesday: New York

Hi Y'all!

So I thought instead of my traditional tasty Tuesday blog post (which lets be honest, hasn't happened in a few weeks thanks to the craziness of life) and I thought instead how about I share my exploration of New York this last weekend with S!

We started off the weekend with breakfast/brunch at Sarabeths!  It is the quintessential place to go for brunch! Fabulous breakfast and lunch items - I always get the goldie lox omelet (eggs, cream cheese and smoked salmon)!

Afterwards, we took a walk across Central Park on the 72nd transverse to the Whitney Museum of American Art.  I had never been to that museum, I usually go to the National History Museum or the Met! But I wanted to go because they had a special exhibit of Jeff Koons artwork.

Another great exhibit that I want to check out is the Fashion and Dance exhibit at the Museum of FIT.  I hopefully will be able to get there sometime in the next few weeks!

Afterwards, we had to find our way back across the park but ran into the "Global Festival" (?) which shutdown multiple paths but we eventually made it over thanks to path along the reservoir.  All this walking was followed by taking a restful nap and continuing our binge watching of the one season show: Mixology.

We later decided to continue to take advantage of the gorgeous weather we were having and S and I decided to head down to Battery Park! I strapped on my roller blades, including knee, elbow and wrist pads, and a helmet while S took my aunt's bike and we headed slowly down past the boat basin cafe and along the west side highway.  An hour later we made it to Battery Park and we originally planned to get Shake Shack but ended up falling the smell of pizza to this little eatery next door - very delicious!

We (as in me) were too tired to go back up the West Side Highway so we slummed it on the subway to head back up!  We were then up to 230 AM finishing the show Mixology - yay for successful binge watching! Eventually grabbed "brunch" at the Doughnut Plant (on 23rd street between 7 and 8 Avenue) before walking down to Washington Square and then up to Flatiron.

Once we got to Flatiron, we walked into Eataly and had to grab sandwiches to eat in Madison Square Park, where a Thai festival was happening.  

Afterwards, it was time to head back up so that S could grab her things and say goodbye to head back to CT :( but I will see her again this weekend because I am heading out her way to get out of the city this weekend! 

In case you were interested in a few other places to eat, you should check out the following:
1) Waffle and Dinges (carts around the city - though I like the one in Central Park at the Great Lawn and the one at Lincoln Square).
it is so yummy!
2) The other is Treat House on the Upper West Side.  Basically they serve elaborate rice krispy treats but are so delicious in the few bites that you get.  It also serves a good cause and they have a good granola bar for breakfast!

And I think I already mentioned this but I also got to see T last week!!! I miss her and R so much and it is so hard that they are still in VA and I am here but I am working hard on getting them both up here soon.  I got to have lunch with her last Tuesday at Joe Allen - a pretty popular midtown restaurant with a pub feel.  I had the hamburger and we each got this amazing chocolate pudding cake dessert.  It was a great lunch.  I wish I could have seen T more but the next day I got food poisoning from a dinner I had on Tuesday night and then work was crazy so we just weren't able to meet up again before she left but she is coming back to NYC in November so I will get to see her then unless I can find the time to get to DC at the end of the month!


Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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