Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What I Want: J. Crew

Hi Y'all!

What a hectic morning! But oh well... lots to do today and I've got dinner plans with one of my close friends that I never get to see even though we work maybe 20 blocks apart! So super excited and looking at the amount of work I have to get done, it is going to go by super fast! Also, my aunt ordered me Chirping Chicken yesterday so I have it for lunch today.  She is the best!

So down to the post but is there never a point that I don't want something from J. Crew? Seriously, how is that time and time again they create something that I don't just want but need! The good thing is that I am so orderly that I make a list of what I want and force myself to wait (and think about how much I want this item and if I really need it) before buying it on sale (with an extra sale percentage taken off + discount for my student id)!

Here is an outfit that I currently am craving to get (and wear to the office or any day of the week...):

Wednesday Craving - JCrew

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