Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hi Y'all!

FIRSTLY, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! I don't know if I will be dressing up though (buzz kill I know...) but it is because I won't be with friends here I actually in Atlanta celebrating my sister's senior weekend for soccer!! woohoo!! I would also like to say, I have been out on Halloween my freshman year and I learned my lesson. In NYC, it gets really sketchy and honestly, people are weird here and Halloween gives them an excuse to lose all sense of boundaries, especially down by the village...

So I took yesterday off! If you know what has been going on, things have been crazy and I leave for Atlanta this morning so I had to get everything done in time for my return on Sunday night.  So the remaining photos of Utah will be posted shortly.  I have achieved my first goal in that they are uploaded. Now I just have to finalize the order and post.  It will happen! Just has taken me much longer.  But here I am, trying to plan ahead and keep my blog separate from the business side.

So last night - this night, J came over and we had such a chill but great night.  I created my own version of the pumpkin pie which I am in love with and will definitely have to share and then after a major dance (attempt at zamba) party and sing off happened in the kitchen (J has an incredible voice) we discovered that Step Up 5 came out and oh my goodness we had to watch it that moment. Luckily we found it on Amazon (I acted like an adult and bought it) and we then proceeded to watch it and do nothing else.  I didn't pack which means instead of getting up just before 5 to leave I will be getting up in now 3 hours to pack! kill me now but it was worth it! so Worth it! It is a total guilty pleasure and though script/acitng not great these people aren't actors, they are dancers. And seriously, all it makes me want to do is get involved in dance again! Love it - my brain knows how my body can't keep up though lol.

Onto more important things.... I am in love with all things pumpkin it has overtaken my life and I am just so happy.  I think I have baked something with pumpkin 3 out of the 4 last days. No joke! And I can't wait to share the recipes!!

Of course now this just looks so good: Easy Mini Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll 

Regarding fashion/blogs, I am a little behind and so I thought I would do some catch up!  Firstly, here are my favorite looks from Europe (I think mainly London, I got completely behind regarding Paris and Milan) 


Bottega Venata

Bottega Venata

Bottega Venata








Dries Van Noten



Giambattista Vali



Nina Ricci

Just like in the fashion shows, I am also a little behind in favorite celeb and blogger looks. So don't judge but these are collected from the past few weeks. 
Olivia Palermo

Damsel in Dior

Damsel in Dior

Southern Curls and Pearls

The Sweetest Thing

Olivia again. Let's be honest, she rocks everything and I wish I had her courage sometimes! 

... Again!

Just completely in love with this print - thanks for rocking in every possible way all at once Atlantic to Pacific.

Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes.


Her continued reign of awesome!

Seersucker and Sadles.

Last one I swear....

The Sweetest Something! 

Southern Curls and Pearls.

I finally have to include this candle.  I am already burning theYankee Pumpkin candle but I just have this desire to run off to bath and body works and buy every single on of their candles as well. Hey, since I don't have a fireplace here in the city to snuggle by, I will use these candles maybe...or maybe not?

Thanks for reading! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

With joy,


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