Monday, October 20, 2014

Freezing Monday

Hi Y'all!

Sorry for the long pause - and no "Friday Favorites" post.  I was quite overwhelmed Friday and had barely time to sit let alone finish a post.  But I am back and with renewed determination.  This week will be great! I had an excellent weekend (wish it lasted a little longer but got some things done just not enough) - don't you hate that feeling? Oh well today will be another crazy busy one! But man, it got cold last night and this morning.  It didn't help that the building's boiler decided to stop working and there was no hot water.  Oh well, I still had to wash my hair - so that really woke me up!

I think the worst feeling on earth is when you can't get your feet to warm up and they just are freezing.  Which is why I wore my UGG moccasins non-stop yesterday and to work today, which then gave me the idea to share some of my favorite UGGs from their website!  It kind of makes me wish I was back in High School where it is totally acceptable to just wear UGGs and sweats/yoga pants to school.  Oh well, I hope you enjoy:

Fashion and Warmth

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