Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tasty Tuesday

Hi Y'all!

Happy Tuesday! Who else is exhausted? I went to bed before midnight I thought and yet still tired this morning :( it is a total bummer!  And I have so much going on today I am going to have to pull myself together.  And speaking of pulling myself together, I have yet to actually really make something to share on my "Tasty Tuesday" post - basically I've been making the same thing over and over (i.e. puppy chow and rice noodles spaghetti).  I promise I will get my act together, I have been really missing baking and molding recipes!

However, for today, I thought I would share some recipes that look absolutely delicious and I will have to make shortly.

It all stared with J saying she was hungry and wanted Mac & Cheese yesterday and I was like, well why don't you get Panera (now that we have one in NYC) and she was like oh my goodness yes! Then of course, I wanted Panera's Mac & Cheese.  So here is how you can make it at home:

Also how yummy does this look? I mean you get me at coconut but this is a recipe for Coconut flour crazy bread! Let me just say yum!

Also I just want one of these Softbatch Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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