Thursday, October 9, 2014

Travel Thursday: Connecticut

Hi Y'all!

So this past weekend I was in Connecticut with S and we had so much fun!! One of the main reasons I came out was to go apple picking but sadly it was too late in the season and because of the awful winter and spring we had here, most orchards had closed :(. So sad!  However, we decided to do other fun fall things but then the heavens opened up Saturday and so instead we went shopping after sitting in a parking lot hoping the storm would pass soon but then gave up!

So we were in Fairfield, which is totally gorgeous and got a very New England, small-town (sort of) vibe and there is also the Fairfield University - so it is also college town which makes it fun and youthful.  I always love going there.

We took the morning to walk to Starbucks out on the Old Post Road before getting dressed and ready to head out to the Corn Maze and pumpkin pasture.
It also was the perfect weekend because the leaves had started to fall and the weather actually was chilly but not too cold - perfect Fall weekend, where you have the windows open and just snuggle up in sweats and blankets!

We had hoped to make it before the showers came but of course it started pouring as soon as we started driving.
My outfit: Reebok shoes, camo pants from Anthro, Rachel Roy sweater (old).

Selfie - vintage hat that I stole from S (well really her grandmother but shh)

So instead, we decided to check out an area that had the LLBean outlet and Marshalls. We were able to snag a few things and see a very interesting car, before grabbing lunch at Bertuccis - I mean who doesn't love their bread rolls and pizza? I did the lunch deal which was $8 bucks but of course we had to get the fresh baked cookie dessert and it was so yummy!
You can't really see it I guess, but the back of his car when he breaks flashes Batmobile and his brake lights also say hero.  It was pretty funny to watch! If only it hadn't been torrential rain I could have maybe gotten a better shot! 

I was in heaven here! That is one thing I really don't understand/like about NYC, there is not one LLBean in the city.  Though there is now a REI in soho. 

Cookie dessert - who is the cookie monster???

That night we had a Groupon that S' mom had bought for Hibachi and so we had a very enjoyable and tasty dinner at a local Hibachi place.  So good! I always love and am slightly terrified of the onion volcano!

Sunday morning we slept in till 9 and then got going to head out to Glasko's farm for the corn maze at (of course stopping at a Starbucks on the way) and the pumpkin pasture - which reminds me I do need to pick up some pumpkins soon - Trader Joes to the rescue.  We then did the corn maze and you have to find 6 places that have whole punches and of course we could not find #3!  But we did eventually and trudged out of there to then grab some apple cider donuts and fudge (and blackberry preserves) at the farmer's market stand.  It was all so very delicious.

S entering the corn maze!

S leaving it! 

My outfit from the outfit post!

We then took a drive around Westport and it was so beautiful! It was just a really nice day.Though the whole point was to see some of the beautiful houses but it turns out people value their privacy and actually work very hard to hide their house from the road - who knew?

And before I knew it, it was time to leave and catch my train back to the city.  Time really flew by!

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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