Thursday, October 2, 2014

Travel Thursday - Road Trip

Hi Y'all!

Last week I was a little MIA and I am sorry.  It is just that as much as I love three day weekends, with the amount of work I have, I need all 5 days!  So for today's Travel Thursday, I thought that I would share my pictures and experience during my road trip from Austin to Denver.  I honestly didn't drive too much but it was still a long trip but I am glad I could do it with my mom and help her out.  Plus Zeus was with us and being with him and my family always makes my life that much better (I know I am a sap!).

After my flight landed - I was starving! I had almost missed my plane thanks to the greatness that is TSA!  So my mom had us stop at P. Terry's for a cheeseburger and fries and oh I had to get the oreo milkshake (though I felt sick the next day) and oh my goodness it was all so delicious.  Go if you get the opportunity - I mean burgers (period) are so delicious in Texas! 

I had to add this shot in, because my mom and I went shopping at the closest Nordstroms Saturday morning and it turns out that the jeweler, Alexis Bittar, was making an appearance and doing a trunk show. I got to speak with him and get his autograph - I explained that I live around the corner from his UWS boutique and have always loved his jewelry since I started noticing different celebrities wearing it!  I have yet to own my own piece but I am really weird about jewelry so it should be no surprise.  Still it was so cool to meet him - he was heading to Paris Fashion week the next day (I believe?) and it was just a very cool experience - and also very small world.

My outfit for traveling day 1 (700 miles woot woot): J crew chinos (though on my their are capris), nyfw tee and free people sweater and rainbow flip flops!

Zeus' outfit! Love him!
Started the road trip off with some fruit Kolaches and also an egg and cheese one - and man, it was the best thing ever.  Basically dough wrapped around scrambled eggs with cheese! Can it get any better?

Saw this as we were driving through a small town in Texas. We spent 680 out of the 700 miles driving through Texas that day.  

Beautiful view of Texas

Next day starting from New Mexico - had to get a picture with the dinosaurs though Zeus was not into it - very strange since he loves getting his picture taken.

A lot of windmills period - but so cool.  I could not get a good picture of any of the oil rigs that were set up along the highway but they were pretty cool to watch as well. 

Zeus - just got to love him! I miss him so much!

To pass the time, we got a book on tape - The Egyptologist.  It was ok, we kind of got tired of it after a while. It definitely continued to drag on.  I wonder if I would have felt the same if I had read it but it took the entire trip to finish it, and we even start forwarding through the parts we didn't care about. But overall not terrible - it combined my two favorite things to read about: Ancient Egypt and mystery.  

I also downloaded the Roadtripper app and while it definitely drained my battery (but we had chargers) and used up data it was still fun.  It did help us pick out restaurants - we didn't really stop to see the sights but it worked out.   My only problem with it was, that when you are driving out in very country part of Texas, there is no cell service which meant the app didn't really work then.  But still, I suggest getting it for any roadtrip you ever go on!

Thanks for reading!

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