Monday, November 3, 2014

First Day Work Day

Hi Y'all!

Happy Monday! This past weekend I was in Atlanta for my sissy's (she is going to hate me for that) senior weekend! It was so fun!! Though it was definitely weird to be the grownup at the college apartment with all her roommates, I lived! Though I did go to bed before everyone else.  Also HAPPY DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!! I loved that extra hour of sleep but I am not looking forward to it being dark at like 4 pm, especially with still training for my half marathon (two weeks away).

I thought I would share an outfit inspiration for work -- a little different but works!

First Day Good Impressions Outfit

Thanks for reading!

With joy,



  1. Looks lovely this is the type of stuff I like to wear and those shoes are super cute the gold ones, makes me feel like xmas hah xox

  2. Love that dress, professional but still stylish!