Friday, November 14, 2014

Outfit Inspiration for Half Marathon this weekend.

Hi Y'all!

HAPPY FRIDAY! I am heading to Vegas today - no joke! It is so weird.  I started planning this trip back in June. It is really weird for it to be here already! So since I am so excited, I don't think I could focus on anything but my trip and run - oh my goodness I am both so excited and tired and nervous just thinking about it.  I did my last big run last night (8 miles) so I hope my body is ready for the 13 miles that is coming Sunday.

I thought that today, I would share a running outfit that I really like... I originally planned to run in the Lululemon running skort but then it is only going to be in the 60s there this weekend so I decided against spending money and just wear something I already have:

Half Marathon Outfit Inspiration

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  1. ooooooooo love the trainers xox