Thursday, November 20, 2014

Travel Thursday: Atlanta

Hi Y'all!

Even though I really want to share my photos from my trip to Las Vegas this weekend, I need to share first my photos from Atlanta (at least a few) since that was for my sister's Senior Weekend and I ate some really delicious food while I was there.

I am really enjoying blogging these days (though sometimes it feels like work, but its probably because its on my to do list every evening, and normally I just want to be lazy).  I also can't believe, I am 23 (I didn't mention it earlier, but it was my birthday last week) and I just have to say that I am so blessed to have the friends and family that I do, and have my health - able to run a half marathon, though I am giving myself a fat couple of lazy days to relax before I hit the grind again - getting back into yoga and ballet I think - I want to work out a workout schedule for myself, and I might share it because, why not? I really want to learn about how to design a better blog, so I am tempted to either enroll in some class or buy a book - does anyone know of a good self teach book (though I have such a long list of books, it is going to kill me).  You know what, I think I am going to make a goal list today and see what comes of it (can you tell, I love lists).

Ok enough with the rambling, here are some of my photos of Atlanta - just have to mention, there are not a lot of tourist pics (like of the Coke factory or downtown Atlanta, since I have been going once a year for the past four years thanks to basketball, so these are primarily about family and food):

This was the temperature it was while I was there - it turned out to be warmer in NYC than Atlanta.  Who would have thought? Luckily I checked, but I still didn't believe it so I didn't pack 100% for that type of weather.  

My parents told me to grab brunch after I arrived in Atlanta at the General Muir at Emory Point since I had to either wait for them to arrive or for my sister to finish her final exam.  How delicious does this look - arugula and parmesan and then delicious NY style bagels with lox, creamcheese, red onion, cucumber and avocado.

My sister and one of her roommates dressed up as two different Kristen Wig characters - can you guess which one? It was too cold to really go out and after sitting through an extremely cold and rainy game, I just went to sleep but it was still cute to see them get dressed up! 

Saturday afternoon, my mom, sister and I grabbed lunch at Leon's after getting a beautiful manicure and pedicure at a salon near my sister's place.  

bacon and peanut butter - that's right!

An interesting play on the traditional ham and cheese sandwich (Gruyere and soppressato) 

This dessert is pumpkin spiced donuts - yum! 

These amazing desserts came after a phenominal dinner at SK Steak (steakhouse?) that is in downtown Atlanta.  It was excellent.  This dessert is a play on cake batter.  I am a sucker for cake batter and my parents decided to use this occasion to celebrate my sister's soccer career and my upcoming birthday!

My parents escorting my sister out for Senior Day before her game!

There were 8 seniors I believe? or was it 7? but that is still quite a few - basketball had 4 one time and that was a lot! But soccer has a larger roster so I guess. It was still weird to be watching my little sister - it means she is graduating so soon.  By the way, they did make the NCAA tournament but lost in the first round :( but hey that means I get to see her for Thanksgiving (in Austin).

For Senior day (the actual day), all the seniors and their parents (and siblings - me) were invited back to the cute restaurant I had stopped in at Emory point to eat while I waited for my sister to finish her exam.  The hot chocolate looked amazing so I just had to have one while we waited to put the table together. 

I got potatoes and salmon - basically a delicious apple arugula salad on top, smoked salmon and potato latkes (you know I've got me some Polish blood) because this was just delicious and very satisfying.  It comes with my mom's highest recommendation - so I had to try it.  

My sister's friend got the eggs and grits - and it looked so good too! 

As I said, primarily about food with some small family points to share - but I still wanted to share this weekend.  These restaurants were great! If you are ever visiting Emory, definitely go check out Emory Point - and I have to say that the Emory Conference Center was so beautiful and homey.  

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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