Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Winter is here

Hi Y'all!

I am sorry for missing yesterday's post, but to be honest it caught me by surprise how much I had to do both at the office and at home.  I am almost caught up, that is actually a lie - I still have so much to do but at least I am making progress (even though I am very tired and just want to sleep).  Who else is freezing? This weather is gross.  I picked running a half marathon in Las Vegas because I thought it would be warmer for this time of year and instead I end up running in 30+ degree weather only to return to that brutal cold here in NYC as well.  This morning's commute and well just waking up early really sucked.  So I thought I would share some of my favorite Winter weather items for this Winter.

Cold Weather...brrr

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  1. Love the hat and gloves and don't worry about missing a day glad you are nearly caught up . Life tends to get in the way of Blogging how dare it , I know. hehe xox