Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hi Y'all!

Happy Friday. I have been doing so much stuff that this week has flown by and I actually am completely booked today and I need to get a lot done so yikes!! So this will be a quick post and then down to work!! I even hope to make time this weekend to catch up on Pinterest. Hope y'all have a great day!

1) Look how cute this pillow is from Nordstrom Rack - it is not on the website but call any Nordstrom Rack that sells home goods/accessories as well and they should have it (I just did yesterday). It is $16.00! It is the perfect addition to give my room a festive touch!

2) My favorite blogger looks from the past few weeks (I hope there are no repeats)!
The Sweetest Thing


The Sweetest Thing

3) I really want to try this work out.  I have a different dvd that is divided into different areas of the body to work on...I kind of would like to get one complete workout rather than multiple short body focused one. 

4) Lastly, I had to include this drink I have to try to make.  Nutella Hot Chocolate- mhmm yes please! 

Thanks for reading!

With joy,


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