Thursday, December 18, 2014

Travel/Throwback Thursday: Turkey

Hey Y'All!

Sorry that this is so late but it's been a busy day - luckily it means the day has flown by.  But all I can think about is how I have 4 hours worth of stuff to do in 2 hours tonight (if I want to get to bed at a reasonable time) and that is going to have to fight my desire to watch Arrow - R got me hooked!

For "Travel Thursday," I figured I would do a flashback to my time back in the fall of 2012 when I lived in the Middle East and I never shared my pictures of my weekend trip with one of my good friends J!  We had such a blast and such a remarkable time. It was early December just before the riots that occurred in some of the same places we visited.  But for us, we ate great food, I still drool when I think about the Baklava and Turkish Delights and kebab, and had such a fun time exploring, sightseeing and shopping!

This was the view from out hotel/hostel. The Blue Mosque (literally right across the square) and the Bosporus.  

Pictures from our tour of Blue Mosque

Pictures from the Hagia Sophia.

Pictures of and from the Galatia Tour.

Can't remember what this is called - but it's like the catacombs/aqueducts underneath the city.

Pictures from our tour of the castle.

And then some pictures of delicious food (because it all was) - and we could never get enough Apple tea!

I think I may have had one every day we were there. It was so amazing!

...So yum!

Thanks for reading!

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