Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday Work Outfit Inspiration

Hi Y'all!

Sorry that this is late! I really want to start pushing myself and puttin gup pictures but honestly, I hated being in pictures since I was little.  I always preferred to take them (even though my lil sis was so much better at taking them).  I also don't think selfies are the way to go.  SO I think I am going to have to enlist my friends or my Aunt for help, but it is pretty difficult when you work all day-long hours - but excuses, excuses! But hey, it is Wednesday and it is almost Christmas (p.s. HAPPY HANUKKAH - one of my good friends is currently in Israel and I am just so jealous)!

Going back to the blog posts, I have started working on making my New Year's Resolutions, and I think one of them will be to have one outfit post a week (and it can't be a selfie).

Here is a simple but perfect look for the office (in my opinion at least):

Work Outfit Inspiration

Thanks for reading!

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